One Piece 1070

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One Piece 1070

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I hate Gear 5. Luffy waxing Lucci isn't an issue, but Gear 5 is just broken.

Also Oda just confirmed that the government has a bunch of pedophiles in it because Mero Mero should only work on those that find the user sexually attractive. That is fine for adult Hancock but this seraphim is a child...

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Re: One Piece 1070

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We will see how broken in a chapter or 2 when he bodies Borsalino

...and I guess San was right...he did awaken his fruit to go Gear 5. I'm pretty sure he just stretched those pipes like a wrestling ring rope to hit Lucci.
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Re: One Piece 1070

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Re: One Piece 1070

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I don’t hate Gear 5 i just hate the design
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