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killacross wrote: Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:52 am Cooking is mostly imitation...then trial and error. You see something that looks good. You find the ingredients. You start to combine them. Over time, you learn which combinations work and which give you explosive diarrhea. I don't think they are lazy per se....I think they have no "staying power".

Why try to do this - incorrectly - for 3 months....when this person does it perfectly every time? Plus nothing to clean or equipment to buy? Besides, society has very much shifted (in our lifetime no less) to one that promotes convenience, speed, and taste. I mentioned before that it blows my mind to see my neighbors order Doordash 3-4x a week. We have 4 grocery stores within 10 minutes of us. That jumps to 7 if you add in the Hispanic grocery stores (15 minutes). Actually, just found out my neighbor is a manager at a grocery store - so that confuses me even more. Then again, he probably couldn't afford the groceries at the store he works at.

Also...nigga?! Whole Foods is another high end grocery store. We never did question why you were in Japan allll those years ago. Is your dad like a retired Military General and your mom a former Supreme Court Justice? :shock:
They don't do their man shopping there, I meant it in the sense that IF they go to a high-end store it's Whole Foods as opposed to Wegmans which is why I didn't know Wegmans was high-end. My mom will usually go to Costco/Sam's Club and Shop Rite which is a Northeast region chain for normal shopping.

Having said that, my parents are quite bougie.
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Re: Food

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Digital Masta wrote: Mon Nov 20, 2023 11:18 pm I've also come to the realization that in today's world when people say, "I can't cook." and make no effort to learn something basic, OR when they say "I don't like cooking" they're just lazy. They'd rather eat trash and have other people do it for them than learn how to make something simple.
Screw that, cooking is fucking boring. I can cook just fine and I bake even better, but I'd rather be doing just about anything else. My wife works an ungodly amount and doesn't want to cook either, so in an effort to eat better we started eating less junk. Still order out for it though.
killacross wrote: Sun Nov 19, 2023 10:07 am Oh geezus I have been cooking this weekend and eating some F-ing good food!! Thursday I went to the "pricier" grocery store in the area [Harris Teeter].
Wow, you go away for a decade or two and Harris Teeter turns into a nice store.

I'm not a huge foodie so I've never really found a big difference between the high-end and generic stores. I went apple-picking with some relatives and they were all happy to have super fresh apples or whatever and I'm all "it tastes like an apple." One relative likes to insist on going to whole foods for certain things but when she's not here I always just go to the generic local one (Giant) and I can't really tell a difference. It amuses me because I absolutely hate a lot of foods, but for food I like subtle or minor differences don't matter to me. You cook it wrong and give it the wrong texture though...
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Re: Food

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A few new tricks that I've picked up.

My favorite has been making chicken based soups and curries. Cook the soups and veggies in a pot but bake the chicken separately.

Then pull the meat, turn off the stove, and add it to the soup. It comes out super moist and delicious.!!

I made a banging lasagna last weekend.

Made awesome spaghetti and meatballs too.

My kids are my harshest critics... So when they literally lick the plate, it means I did something good. My kids have a love for food... And because they are so young... Such a great metabolism. It's a blessing.

If I could combine my passions... I would build off grid kitchens.. Then I'd hunt and fish... Then prep and prepare a meal.

... How can I monetize that?
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Re: Food

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I know you hate the stuff but you'd probably have to start with n instagram or something of your end results in order to build a following.
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