1. It's really cool to see the new HTML5 player in action. It doesn't use Flash and requires no plugins, just HTML5 support from your browser (get WebM extension/add-on for that). It's also more secure for proxy users (think China here) since no data will go outside the bounds of the proxy as it does with Flash. HTML5 supports h.264 video.

    To opt-in:

  2. BTW it loads much faster.
  3. loads way faster
  4. So far, the good is that the html5 player loads way faster. The bad is it has just as many bugs as the flash player, just different ones.

    edit: Also IDM, a program i use to download videos from the internet, doesn't support the new player yet. I imagine most other video grabbing software will have the same problem.
  5. yeah sucks since h.264 would be great for grabbing programs.

    The primary bug I noticed is there sin't a true full screen, but no biggie in chrome since it removes the GUI in FS.

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