1. Okay, I'm in the market for media streamers. I know the usual options like Chromecast, Roku, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, etc., but I don't care for the limitations. So I've been looking into XBMC or Kodi, for the options to customize the apps or channels I do want, and the ability to delete what I don't. There's a lot of them out there, and I did some research, but some advice would greatly be appreciated.
  2. XBMC is a good backend streamer. It's what I use for my network, and distributes my music and video to all computers and dlna devices. Unfortunately it streams them in the original format, so my TV can't play some of the files like avi and wmv. I also been having a bit of a problem when it comes to streaming live tv, but I heard that it has been made a lot more simpler to do.

    Best part about it is that you can get it for free, with no trial periods or watered down version.
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  3. Well that took forever, I went ahead and just bought one for my tv. It's working out pretty well, I'm just not understanding how it really works. My only problem is the fact that there are too many repo's!!! This process is taking forever, but watched a lot of great movies, and decent anime the last two days.
  4. Is this like a Roku? You just buy it and get free channels?
  5. No. XBMC is a frontend and backend media server. In other words, you use it to stream media content to other devices. You can get free channels like radio or OTA video so long as you have some kind of receiver, or via free services like pandora so long as they are on the computer that is acting as the backend.
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  6. Okay, trial period was awesome. When I finally got the hang of it, I no longer watched my satellite tv or netflix. But there was a problem. Some how I shorted it last weekend. It wont turn on anymore. I'm just going to order a different one. Any suggestions?

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