1. Officially declared by Krozar.

    That is all.
  2. Aren't you my best friend?
  3. I tried to get you into the Skype clique, then you didn't send me your username.

    And you joined Team San. No retards allowed, son.
  4. retard?? lol.
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  5. You are who you associate yourself with.
  6. If you go back and read that chat log I actually disassociated myself with Team San or whatever and came to my senses. lol.
  7. Your sig is hilarious Vicious.
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  8. I know, I'm just roasting you.

    Even Judas had a moment of doubt.
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  9. ewww I would like being called judas
  10. In this analogy, you are Judas.
  11. You're Retard Judas. You have forsaken the ways of the retard, passed to you through a great tradition of retardation, and given yourself to the religion of egotism.
  12. Who is this Cain you speak of?
  13. Cain_The9lives

    He's a moderator on this forum. Show some respect.
  14. Ok cool. I had no idea we had a Cain_The9lives on this forum.
  15. Holy shit I have friends? Whoo!
  16. Vicious is a WINNER in LIFE
  17. He sure is, son. He sure is.
  18. LOL.......okay I take back what I said earlier about Vicious
  19. Let him be son. Viscious ran over to the feminist side. I don't want him back anymore now that his mind has been tainted by MD's brainwashing.

    We gotta protect Eddie though. Once he sees boobs he's sold. Even if it's MD's saggy tits.
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  20. Team Retard up to its old tricks I see.
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