1. Best part of this thread is lmfao:

    Having played baseball through HS, College and drafted into the minor leagues.. I've had my fill of working out but I still run, play golf and bang my hot asian gf.
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  2. Goddamn you

    I completely forgot about this thread but JUST had the thought.. I need to eat better, exercise etc

    It's the universe talking

  3. I found it!!...so as not to spam the shoutbox

    I have been riding dirtbikes/motorcycles on and off since I was 13ish

    I bought my first motorcycle in 2013 in Feb (I was 27). I got into an accident in April 2013 (when I was 28). I was leaving work on a two lane rode. I made a right turn out of the parking lot and was in the right lane accelerating. The speed limit is 55 on that road. There was this little car ahead of me by about 300 yds going all of 32 mph and in the left Lane. The road splits into 3 lanes so that the far right lane goes into a different neighborhood/township...the left 2 lanes go over a bridge towards the highway. I was going to overtake the car on the right side and it just came over into my lane, mid turn, with no turn signal, and it was instantly...it wasn't a gradual transition (think swerving type movement). The reason I crashed is because I was leaning left to make the turn (like you do on motorcycles), and when she came over, I hit my brakes and went straight up (like you do on motorcycles). I tried to lean back into the turn, but was going too fast and didn’t really commit. Needless to say, I didn't make it.

    There are a number of different things that I could have/should have done. I could have committed MORE to the turn (and likely would have made it). OR I probably had enough time that I could have committed completely to braking (and probably would have only dropped the bike)

    So it's always funny how time slows down and how fast your brain works in times of crisis.

    I remember thinking "Damnit, I'm not going to make this turn -- this is going to hurt. Road rash is going to fucking suck"

    I hit the rail and it knocked me out cold. I don't remember the hit AT ALL. Instead, I thought the above and then came to just seeing light/dark/light/dark/light/dark

    "Ok, I'm rolling -- but at least the helmet protected my face. MAN, I'm rolling forever"

    When I stopped rolling, I was face down; so I thought "Your spine is broken, don't move you're paralyzed and you'll do more damage"

    So I wiggled my toes...they were fine
    I wiggled my fingers...they were fine
    I stood up slowly…started taking off my helmet, taking off my gloves, unzipping my riding jacket
    I looked at my hands again and thought "My fingers work but damn, I dislocated my wrist", then thought "I don't think wrist bones can be dislocated like that...somethings not right here"

    (my right hand had shifted left by one joint...I can’t explain it well. I didn’t break skin, BUT I could see the smooth joint/cartilage on the top of my Ulna bone through my skin [think how the cartilage of chicken bones is smooth on the end of a chicken leg])

    The part that always gets people is that the lady DID actually pull over
    She was this 100 year old black lady in a gray 1980s Nissan Sentra

    Her: "Are you OK sweetheart?”
    Me: “Yes, but I think I broke my wrist”

    Her: “Well you have a cellphone don’t you?”
    Me: “Of course”
    Her: **DRIVES OFF**

    So people always ask…did you get her license plate number?

    honestly, in that instant, the very next thing I said/thought was….
    Me: “Where are my fucking shoes?” – I didn’t even think about her twice until later

    I walked into the middle of the road, put my shoes on, picked up my bike (broken wrist and all) and muscled it over to the other side of the road (the front rim had broken where I hit)
    These two guys came running up on me and were like “OMG are you OK? We made that right turn and saw the whole thing…where did that lady go?”
    Then I heard the sirens…because it was just a coincidence that an ambulance was heading the opposite direction…heard the crash and made a U-turn at the light

    Then my boss showed up like 30 seconds after that…because when I left that day, I waived at my boss, who was outside on a smoke break, and he heard the crash (It literally happened like 10 seconds after I left work)

    The story continues...it was a journey, but not sure if people are interested in the walls of text...


    I shattered the front rim
    Bent both front forks to 90 degrees
    Punctured the radiator
    Shattered the front head light
    Scratched my stator cover
    Scratched all my fairings to shit
    Bent the rear subframe

    No bruises
    No cuts
    No scrapes
    No stiffness
    Broke radial bone tip (shattered)
    Killed the nerve in my forearm

    4 years later, I am 99.997% recovered…the only thing I don’t like is I now have a 6” scar from my wrist to the middle of my forearm from the surgery

    So anyway…TL;DR
    Don’t pass on the right
    People are shit drivers, so ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PPE!!
    When on a motorcycle, ALWAYS leave yourself an out!
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