1. I remember talking to you about an EC Stack at one time via MSN.. but your asian ass is never on anymore.. Well the short story is

    started out at 290.. everyone saw that picture
    got down to 180
    Tried clean bulking... got up to 225.. too bad i fucking failed.. gained minimal strength.. got back some fucking love handles
    so... I keep reading EC stack helps suppress appetite and whatnot.. Hook me up
  2. Well what was your diet like and how often did you train? Not to be all in your business but I'd rather try to find out what else I could do other than using the EC.
  3. Diet is pretty consistent

    Breakfast is 3 eggs scrambled black pepper 1 banana

    Snack is broccoli and 1/2 can of chicken breast (canned chicken is super easy to cook)

    Lunch is salad with chicken or turkey.. with balsamic viniegrgrttara dressing.. i don't know how to spell it

    Dinner is Chicken or pork.. brown rice.. broccoli

    multivitamin and fish oil every day

    I didn't train hard enough is the problem.. only now am I even starting to see gains really.. I am losing weight slowly right now.. scared my skin is going to get fucktastic nasty.. But lately since i lost my job.. EATING A FUCK TON.. also.. been going out to eat on my friend's cash.. fuckkkkkk
  4. I'm buying BSN No-Xplode today & then if that does its job i think I'll add Pure Whey Protein Stack after training...

    I've been loosing weight too so I'm fucking drained after half an hour.

    my diet is way fucking worse too, lately ive been living on eggs, chicken, tuna and this crispy rice shit. veggies and low fat yogurt for snacks. i'm trying to change it up as much as possible so that my body doesn't get used to it
    i want to fucking hang myself.
  5. So when do you train, your only really eating one big carb meal that sure as shit better be after training.
    Also biggest carb meal right before bed, throw in some cottage cheese.

    As for suppressing appetite just drink water all the time, have some chicken fillets for snacks since their just protein they will fill you pretty quick alternatively just add protein shakes they should take the edge of your hunger.

    Also cheat meals while cutting will kill you since your bodies so insulin sensitive, it's why fat people shoot back to their old weight.
  6. So what supplements you guys use or have used what do ye find good etc.

    I'm always on a protein shake or gainer of some variety.
    Multivitamins omega's.

    I take BCAA during workout's mostly due to Glutamine was getting sick before a lot but since Glutamine haven't had so much as a cough.
    The BCAA product I take is Xtend by Scivation, it get's shit hot reviews everywhere, the taste is ok although it's pretty hard to mix but a lot of BCAA products are like that apparently.

    I took Cellmass (Creatine) a while back and to be honest I'm not sure how it went, wasn't sure what benefits it was giving me bar the increase in weight and soft muscle. I got cramps when I took it in the morning pretty bad had to wait atleast 40mins before the will to go to the gym would even come back.

    I have Shock Theraphy a pre workout NO booster and stimulator, pretty bad as far as thing's go. It gave very little while I was bulking and I didn't really feel any improvement.
    Now in cutting though since I don't have any caffeine or stimulants in my diet it does work gives a great buzz but nothing much in the way of pumps.
    I only take it occasionally though.

    That's all from me I still have a tub of Gaspari Size On in the press but haven't been arsed trying it.
  7. i have just lost all respect for you man.....
  8. Used to take creatine but I stopped. I just take Monster Milk protein and eat like a pregnant elephant.
  9. Your hardcore meso right?
  10. I used to take GNC brand Whey.. Now I eat enough solid protein where I don't need it anymore..

    I take 1 fish oil and 2 GNC multivitamins every day.. thats it now
  11. IDS Whey

    I used to take Syntha 6 by BSN which is easily some of the best tasting protein you can buy. But it's also pretty heavy. So I switched to something lighter in calories.

    I'm thinking about adding creatine to my arsenal but I haven't decided yet. Currently going through a major workout redesign and I'm wondering if creatine will also be a part of this.

  12. wat because of bsn? i abandoned that. going for the protein stack now.
    i don't understand jackk shit about supplements so i just went off on hearsay but a friend of mine explained that bsn is bullshit so protein & fishoil is going to be it for now.
  13. Yeah but it's like genetically dis-positioned to stay at 198-200 lbs. All my weight gained in the desert was cut down to 198-200 but I still kept about 2 pounds of muscle and a bit more definition.
  14. Posting my stats here for.. just to do it

    Starting Weight - 290
    Starting lifts
    Bench - 85lbs
    Squat - 95lbs
    Deadlift - 110lbs

    Current Weight - 225 (was down to 1800
    Current Lifts
    Bench - 165x5
    Squat - 355x5
    Deadlift - 415x5

    i have no chest... no bi's either really.. no tri's either... Goal is 190 while still maintaining my lifts...

    Starting tomorrow.. I am going to lift without doing cardio beforehand (i've always done either 45 minutes of elliptical or 25 minutes around the track every day i lift depending on my my shins feel)

    I've seen videos about benching.. but i have the strength of a small korean girl in my upper body.. shit is not cash

    today.. for the first time ever in my life.. i saw dudes curling in the squat rack..
  15. Think I need to take a week off

    Today I almost died doing my 355x5 set of deadlifts...

    i feel so fucking lazy when i don't go to the gym though
  16. run outside you fat motherfucker
  17. i run every day you small cocked asian

    still feel lazy unless i am moving heavy shit
  18. ended up buying champion nutrition pure whey protein stack... shits awesome.
    need to start building more muscle.
  19. still prefer to eat more real food.. after my workout i literally didn't want to make a shake i was so tired
  20. lol myface as i see renzo trippfagging on /fit/

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