1. Thanks to Sheep for making a thread in the Lounge that pretty much got ignored.

    I felt like making a main page update and while not really anime related in any way, a few of us are starting to play WoW again. Some of us are starting from scratch, others are transferring characters over. If you want to join us, feel free to do so on Nessingwary-US Alliance. Frankly, I would have preferred Horde, but alas, kro chose Alliance and I just started there for kicks. For more info you can go to the WoW thread in the game section and try to make sense of a thread merged from a thread that got derailed in the admin section.
  2. awesome thread.,
  3. I would play with you guys but to bad you play on the US servers :(
  4. All I gotta say is the video was laughs.
  5. I would probably play, but I gotta get a better computer, as this one is way to slow for most games, especially MMO's
  6. World of Weirdos ain't my cup of tea.
  7. I second this F wow theres so many people just begging for something new. Thank god Star wars the Old republic is coming out. Its gona be far better and i can kill 12 year olds with my Smuggler =P

    The video is good and very true lol

    B@s you get a job yet ive been prayng for you since you lost it at dhl!
  8. ^^lol @ dhl poor bas..

    and senso is a ninja beware!!! lol
  9. http://theanimelounge.com/f16/122/index765/#post118374

    And at the time I thought I was slow :O Nubcakes. It was a good video though, Codex seems to keep getting more attractive :/ Not sure why.

    Good luck b@s.
  10. Codex has been hot stuff since the first episode. Hotter in this one though.
  11. WoW.... brings back memories... too bad i used to play on EU... My char is "Nightdruidky" in the Kul'Tiras realm if anyone wants to check... i heard they are gonna make a new expansion but no new classes included....it just isnt enough to motivate me

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