1. Ok so I searched on here but only found a 2010 thread on headphones and it wasn't what I needed anyway.

    I need a quality pair of Wireless headphones that:

    Cover both ears with at least 5.1
    Have a mic
    I am able to separately control all sounds like chat, in game sound and of course mute.
    It needs to be compatible with not only pc but ps3 and xbox but mostly ps3/xbox.
    This headset is for gaming that will require a mic like blackops, co-op games, etc.
    Should work on my pc as well for when I use Skype.

    I currenly own http://www.amazon.com/Surround-Xbox-360-PC-Playstation-3/dp/B002ZS6Y64/ref=pd_sim_vg_1

    they actually changed a few of the parts since mine but more or less it's still the same.

    and as you can see from the various images you can control pretty much everything including bass/treble and all 5.1 and everything I mentioned above.. independently.

    That headset works great sound wise.. but it's wired (long wire and x4) and still a big mess to hook up and this is the 2nd one I have gone through and it's already in McGyver mode with the tape keeping it together. Too much plastic bs around the top outer part of the set and too many connections/cords that can fail or the connectors themselves.

    So I need this^ but wireless and my budget is open. If it's built worth a damn to last and that includes the mic and how it's connected to the set.... I'll pay the price and I won't have line of sight. All consoles are in closet with other equipment so needs halfass range like a wireless 2.4ghz mouse or something and a decent battery life.
  2. Woah look at all that feedback I got in 2012 lmao. ^ While I'm researching around once again I'm asking around as well. I ended up using the ps4 gold headset for pc/ps4 and it just had too many plastic parts that broke. I'm more or less looking for that gold headset in every way except all that damn plastic. So gonna post this here.. would like at least one decent reply this time lol.

    Need a new headset again.
    I use them for gaming, music, movies, etc. Each set I've had cost mid range to $2-300.00
    all were short lived due to various reasons.

    Plastic parts like on the PS4 Gold Headset where if folded up. Even if you did not fold it those
    hinges would break apart sooner than later. Some sets like my Trittons had exposed small wires connecting to the earcups or too many cables and/or adapters going from the set to pc/console.

    So I went wireless and that led me to the ps4 Gold but like I explained above.. sound was great, options were great, small usb adapter, no other cables... but plastic joint issues that broke on mine and a buddies and many others I read about.


    1. Little as possible plastic especially in any joints and exposed wires between the earcups and other parts.

    2. Wireless

    3. ps4 and pc. usb. I'll pay whatever as long as it is going to last through a lot of use.

    4. The Gold ps4 headset was great with the very small usb stick adapter so as little as possible external
    adapters and cords.

    5. Not concerned with extensive wireless range

    6. Would prefer 7.1 sound and want a over both ears headset like the ps4 gold

    7. I use an external blue mic so the mic on the headset isn't a huge concern.

    Very sturdy, long lasting, great sound, pc/ps4, usb..

    Thank you.
  3. I'm dumb.. just remembered that I cannot use my Yeti Pro mic on the ps4 which would kind of be odd anyway.. probably get compressed to hell and back too.

    So I need a headset with mic .. they all come with them anyway.. for ps4 but then for pc streaming I will use my Yeti which means I need the mic to be moveable into a vertical position, removable or built in.

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