1. Nekomonogatari

    The prequel to Bakemonogatari taking place after Kizumonogatari covering Araragi's first encounter with Black Hanekawa during Golden week. I can't believe no one has made a thread for this yet.

    Looks like it was 4-5 episodes but UTW-Mazui did a good job of cutting out openings and endings and just ran it all together like a movie. It runs about and hour and a half.

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  2. Thanx. So far 1-3, has been pretty good. The graphics and the wordplay is spot on.
  3. I skimmed through it for the animation. Was pretty disappointed that I couldn't find Imamura. It looked nice overall though, but no impressive cuts. Just ok ones. Also wtf at Araragi's sisters undressing in front of him. I thought Japanese girls were supposed to be shy.
  4. The second half was a lot stronger animation wise than the first half.
  5. The complexity of Araragi's relationship between him and Tsubasa was well portrayed, I had to watch it a few times to understand how twisted yet simple his feelings towards her. Due to the heavy dialog, there's not much they could of expanded on.
  6. Damn, I forgot all about this anime. And I was actually looking forward to it lol.

    Gonna catch up quickly.

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