1. Kotoura-san

    I'll update with a summary to make this thread official tomorrow.
    I just wanted to bring attention to it because until I watched this, I had pretty much lost all hope for a good series to come out of this season.
    Even though its probably too soon to call it a good series, I still really enjoyed the first episode.

    [HorribleSubs] Kotoura-san 1

    Edit: I lied about the summary....just watch it.
  2. Ep 2 wasn't bad. But considering everything else this season is shit, I don't mind continuing with this.
  3. The first half of episode one was irritating. I enjoyed the fast pacing, but expecting us to feel sorry for a character whom we're just introduced to, with no character development is a terrible way to start a story.

    I enjoyed the humour of the show, and overall I liked the first episode. Definitely will keep watching.

    Haoh, is there really nothing else good this season?
  4. Not anything I like anyway. I'm stil watching Tamako Market, I don't know why. I checked the 2nd episode of OreShura.. worst idea ever. MaoyuYuusha is as stupid as it looks. Having tried any fanservice shit like Senran Kagura, Love live and Vividred. Still need to watch Amnesia, Roman and Zettai Karen Children Unlimited.

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