1. Ano Natsu de Matteru

    Copied from MAL

    Most definitely following this when it starts tomorrow

  2. Me 2. Waiting for sub raw is out already.
  3. That was pretty fucking solid, I'm getting all sorts of Toradora/Birdy/Anohana vibes which is a fucking tri-fecta IMO.
  4. I still haven't watched it. I need an online stream or avi link. Fuck this laptop is retarded. Have you seen Another by the way? Gonna check that out right now.

    Edit: Another was such a snore fest.
  5. While another was slow, I wouldn't call it a snore fest, I think there was enough suspense to keep my attention.
  6. Just watched this. This really reminds me of Ano Hana because of the art ofcourse. I like the story so far. This and Rinne no lagrange are def 2 shows I'm gonna keep watching.
  7. Its Masayoshi Tanaka, his character art does wonders for a series
  8. Digging the characters. Art of course is great, being a leg guy and all.
  9. [Commie] Ano Natsu 3

    Predictable but still executed very well. Its a shame its not 2 cour, it's moving really quickly >.<
  10. I agree. I really tlike the animation and art. Lol @the preview.
  11. Just finished the first 3 eps, the characters/plot is like a carbon copy of Onegai Teacher. Especially Lemon lol, her voice/character...
    Like it overall, although so far I would still rank AnoHana just a notch above.
  12. Tetsuro you bastard. I guess he has as much patience as I have and wants things to develop.

    Lol awesome sig kickz
  13. Lol @Remon really being MIB. Nice ending, I liked it. This was an okay series I guess.
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  14. At least the last few eps was loaded with action, but I thought they tried a little too hard to make an emotional connection with audience. And I knew Remon was part of the MIB the whole time...after she stated such.

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