1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    SHAFT's Take on Mahou Shoujo

    Ignore the fact that the above picture looks like complete and utter fanservice garbage and remember that this is a Shinbo series. Also any attempt to summarize this would be pointless. Instead I'll just leave the link to the nyaa torrent page and let you guys decide.

    http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=search&cat=1_37&filter=0&term=madoka magica

    I've been following gg releases
  2. Fanservice Garbage: "A normal highschool boy who meets and exchange student who changes his boring life into chaos.... blah blah blah"

    Mahou Shoujo should never be lumped in there! Clothes-stripping transformations ARE a genre into themselves, sir.

    Watched first ep and it was interesting. About to watch the other 2 tomorrow or the next day.
  3. Yeah, I was like. Fuck it. I ain't watching this fanservice shit, but then I heard a lot of good things about this. Gonna check it out later today.
  4. lol, this just made me want to check out this show.

  5. Episode 3... CUTE ENDS

    This is a great show.
  6. lol, silly girl thought she was untouchable. :p That other dimension thing they do is still pretty weird for me, though I feel it shouldn't be after having watched FLCL and some of Satoshi Kon's works. :mellow:
  7. Much <3 for the blue-haired one... forgot her name after 4 other shows last night. Sorry, I no love long time.

    snapshot20110124215010.jpg snapshot20110124215822.jpg snapshot20110124220211.jpg snapshot20110124223031.jpg snapshot20110124223422.jpg snapshot20110124223722.jpg snapshot20110124224506.jpg snapshot20110124231622.jpg snapshot20110124234351.jpg snapshot20110125000635.jpg
  8. Forgot her name too, but her and the Madoka were about to shit bricks in episode 3.
  9. Sayaka
  10. So on what day does this show air?
  11. Looks like gg releases on thursdays
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  12. Nice, got something to watch with Naruto then.
  13. No surprise that she went and made the contract for that boy. Lulz if he doesn't appreciate it, which I think just might happen.
  14. The scene where he was looking at his hand was very ominous so I wouldn't be surprised
  15. Not to mention that Mami even asked her if it would be the right thing to wish for.
  16. Great ep. I knew Sayaka would want to unleash her innate lolian power.

    The new girl looks cool. Reminds me of Shana from Shakugan no Shana.
  17. [IMG]
  18. Morning Rescue!
  19. lol'd at these too.

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