1. Area No Kishi


    I r lazy so copy pasta from manga thread. Really good football manga. Starts airing Saturday 01/07/12.

    Producer: Shinei Animation

    Yuko Sanpei as Kakeru Aizawa
    Jun Fukuyama as Suguru Aizawa
    Shizuka Itou as Nana Mishima
  2. Saw episode 2 last night, and I don't know why they saw the need to change how the accident happened. :..
  3. 4 episodes in, and they keep changing stuff, and not even for the better. :rage Early story was good as is. There was no need to go and change any of it. Only good thing I'm finding from this so far is the fact that they are breezing through the chapters. So with that in mind, I'll probably stop posting here until they get to the parts of the manga that haven't been translated yet.

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