1. Really good video that explains most of the things I felt when I first watched it about 6-8 years ago, when I was like 14-16 years old. I re-watched it when I was 18, because of the exact same feelings he describes in this video. I might watch it again, I don't watch a lot of anime anymore, but I still watch series, so I could just replace my series with some anime.
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  2. They have the series on Hulu, along with trigun. My brother and I spent the last couple of weeks watching both
  3. Awesome late nights during the week on adult swim. I remember the bump they did: "When we saw the opening we knew it was going to be great" Also, the music by Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno makes the series every bit as great as the va's and story maybe even more. The first time I played Call me Call me with a gf in college she melted.

    Some of my bebop collection along with older dvds. Witch Hunter Robin and Wolf's Rain are coming out on bluray. Feb for Wolf and not sure about Robin. Also the ova's will be on the bluray for Wolf. Two awesome shows worth the money easily. The top left dvd set was a great show too.


  4. Haha, I remember listening to that song call me call me riding on my bike through town on a hot and windy summer night, those are the best memories. I also have go go cactus man as my alarm clock song. Cowboy Bebop has by far one of the best collections of soundtracks and music.
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  5. Wasn't sure where to post this so, I searched cowboy bebop and figured this would be good enough. A live action english adaptation is apparently being made.
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  6. Yah, someone posted it in the chat a while ago. I don't really know what to think, I'll probably never watch it, I've never watched live-adaptions from animes. And they'll probably fuck it up anyway.

    I heard they were going to cast Keanu Reeves as Spike, but Reeves has in no way the same vibe / charisma Spike has.
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  7. Keanu reeves? God no, unless he can channel his inner bill and ted excellence, and make it a whole lot cooler, that would be doomed.
  8. Haven't seen it yet, but supposedly he's really good in John Wick.
  9. He ain't. His line-delivery is really not that good, a bit too unnatural. But it's a really refreshing movie, and I feel in the second one, he's doing better. Also, Ian David McShane's acting in both movies is still better than his.

    I started rating all the movies I've watched since March 2017, and John Wick 2 so far is the only movie I've given a 9/10. The Wick movies are a little bit of the same concept as The Equalizer, but Wick has a whole universe on which you can expand, you could make a spin-off with each character that appears in there.

    In that sense ... Fuck... I think I just convinced myself Reeves might be a good cast for Spike. If they focus on Spikes more silent characteristics, iirc Spike was never really a chill dude, there was always a certain tension with him. Or am I remembering him wrong? Maybe he was only chill when he was smoking his cigarette.
    In any case... Reeves might.. just might pull it off.
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  10. I remember the opposite - Spike was generally chill, which is why it was a lot more apparent when Vicious or Julia came around that he was a lot more invested. Of course, my memory is terrible... guess I'll just have to rewatch it.
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  11. I was thinking the same thing, lol.
  12. Don't browse here to discuss watch Youtubevideos why you should watch Cowboy Bebop, just watch it!!! DO IT NOW!!!!


    You will thank me later.
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  14. So that's where you got your name from! haha, good shit
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  15. I still haven't watched the video.

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