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    I don't know why I ever go to the MTV site, maybe I just get bored, but I had to take a look at this. Being a sports fan in general, I enjoy seeing these wacky brackets.

    But this is ridiculous. Quite a few of these bands I have never heard of. And some of the ones I have make me laugh. For one, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are the artists themselves... and they are both in Fall Out Boy. A single Jonas brother a band does not make. Adam Lambert?

    I did a bit of searching on youtube, and holy crap. A band like MGMT. Ugh, that is beyond sounding like a bad trip. Who the devil is Vampire Weekend? Wow... a band that sounds like Cake... I hated Cake... a group called Pavement.

    Never heard of Shinedown 'til now... not sure what to think.

    Okay... enough listening to a plethora of groups I don't know. Tell me this, is Tokio Hotel or My Chemical Romance even any good? Who was the group Weezer lost to zo early. I mean... really?

    You know what, I think a good amount of the serious bands, there fans don't really care for MTV. Okay... Muse is awesome. I don't know a lot of Coheed, but I have always thought they were pretty decent.

    There are a few bands I was surprised not to see. Considering this is probably modern, in no particular order:

    Linkin Park
    Sum 41
    The Offspring
    Papa Roach (mayyyyyybe)
    Flyleaf (very underappreciated)
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    (Just an example.)

    So, why do I even care about what I see from MTV? Am I just crazy or what?

    Btw, no chance Tokio Hotel is better than Coldplay.

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