1. :eek:
  2. Lol, Lilly, you hoe. :aizen
  3. According to waybackmachine we used to have another family tree:

  4. I was Sakura-Drop's pet D:
  5. I miss Pochi and Mirage...
    The Dark Adonis was great too. And a whole lot of other people as well.
  6. Mirage is still on msn if you have him and I miss my gfx buddies period. lol Oh and heyyyy Lia ima get on msn in a few days, be there you stripper.
  7. Another pic i found yesterday suggests otherwise:

  8. lmao Janap!!!! i remember him
  9. NO! D:
    Even though Khaos is awesome I will prove you otherwise!

    Besides that list was made by some hoovertrain-driving loco.



    And some of my old sigs, yes I also have really old weird pictures from back in the day:


    LOL, da FOCK@ the last one.
  10. Pfff hahaha what the fuck. We used to be weird... Maybe still lol
  11. gfxers on here? Don't make me laugh.

    Reminds me though, I haven't heard from Atem in a while.
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  12. Stfu Eds, that green-on-green blending in that sig is mad-gfx.
  13. At the time one of the comic specialist for american issues. Jikit there as well as here!!!
  14. You can't have the green ravi.
  15. I quit the green D:

    Now I got the itch.
  16. But you were supposed to sell for life. =O
  17. TDA was cool and all until I dissed his favorite manga/anime hahaha. Loveless or some gayass anime. The dude took it so personal lol. I think he was gay..
  18. That breast thing has to be very old if it has my original NM username on it still. I am also sad that I'm not on the chart above it.
  19. Haha! You bitch :D
  20. lmao that bitch...cam i say that?

    and yeah no gfxers on here. I don't think any of the old people from SEED, Echelon, etc are really into that stuff anymore

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