1. ever since your axis
    intercepted me from the
    slopes of my x's arms
    i confess you've been skin graphed on my chest, and
    i've been burning to solve for


    the mathematics
    of our chemistry is physics, our

    gravity is physical.

    to relieve
    the weight on the shoulders
    of your individual,

    we resonate,
    our residual is left,
    yet feels right,

    it is magnitism

    that gives direction
    to this train of thought.

    i question, if

    my mind is racing 100 miles a minute, and i can't stop thinking about you, how long will it take me to arrive at your station?

    i've tuned in
    to your waves

    emit radioactivity
    over my
    state of mind,

    you are the satellite
    this body of rhyme,
    i harness
    your harmony,
    staring at your astronomy,

    north stars

    in your eyes
    are the only way home,


    can't navigate through space alone

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