1. So I felt like making an announcement but had nothing to put in it.

    I lied. Before I get to the two series below, take some time to think about the best of 2009 by posting your nominations in the thread linked below!

    TAL Anime Awards
    Click the link to put in your entries for the best of this year's anime! You can discuss various happenings from this year in the discussion thread here: http://theanimelounge.com/f98/12469/

    KSKM 21 - First release!
    Check out our first release! We're in need of translators like every other group on the internet so if you can help, please contact us!

    So here are three series you should be watching and if you're not, you suck.

  2. I sense a lot of bias coming from this announcement. So I approve. :thumbsup:

    Though, you could have made a award voting announcement if you had nothing better to announce.
  3. This speaks truth.

    Also Kämpfer

    Why does everyone forget it ._.
  5. Oh, right. I forgot. I'll add that up top :p

    I haven't started Cross Game and it doesn't fit the bias that eddie (quite easily, lol) pointed out :p


    as far as I can tell >_>
  6. You have to watch it man, its got such a great story, even you'd enjoy it :D
  7. No, he should go out and spread the word of Black Lagoon to all those who have not seen it. Like some people. :fry
  8. Hoho, there we go. That work? Momiji is win.
  9. I'll check it out. No promises tho'

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