1. That is amazing.. I never would have guessed. It's funny how you have these preconceptions about people you meet online and yet know nothing about them until they tell you.
    So is your family sunni muslim? Anyway, glad to always know more about my fellow TAL members!

    I have ties to Somalia in a roundabout way. My first cousin who was like a brother to me was killed there but that whole thing was just a big cluster fuck. Still I hope for the best for the people there because they have been through so so much.
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  2. Yes on the question, and damn thats crazy about your cousin, sorry to hear that.

    And yea like I told San, I usually shied away from acknowledging where I am from and just say American since I have grown up here. Mainly because of the rep the country has had for along time as a failed state and more recently land of pirates lol.

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  3. The beauty of the internet... you have people out there who have some fucked up dislike of others from various countries or faiths but it's amazing how you can get to know the 'person' without some ill preconceived notion.

    I am not saying I am one of those people with those notions but it's why I keep an open mind and try to get to know the person. I'm glad you shared man. As far as I am concerned you are a fellow American and a friend who digs anime/manga like myself. You can't condemn one man for a nations past or present.
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  4. So a month ago I randomly decided to quit my office job of 5 years, I thought it'd be fun to trying living abroad for awhile because I've never done that.

    So I became an Au Pair / English Tutor in Paris, I said I'd do it for 9 months, even though ideally 3-6 was what I was looking to do initially.

    Been here 1 month so far.
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  5. That's awesome! Part of me is looking to do something like that (more for just traveling and exploring) but bills have to be paid.

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