1. Under the table? I'd warm up with some underground prostituton rings in at least three districts and then work on getting a good launderer for when your cash flow starts to gain momentum. Then move on to the blow. Few kils to ease in to market, get your feet wet and your cheeks numb. Then invest some of your ringing capital into some muscle. Get them from the east coast, not the west though. Eastern bruisers tend to keep thier noses out of the politics and thier heads in thier own craft. They see inflicting pain as a form of art. They are also only truly loyal to the benjamin franklins right in front of them. So don't skimp them.

    Once you get the ball rolling and you establish a good trade route across the pacific, come down the south Caribbean into north Columbia and set up shop in one of the small coastal villages under a guise, and enslave the citizens in the surrounding regions and get them on bench in one of the plantations you get established. Hire or bring over some trust worthy associates to fill in the quarter masters seats in your plantations.then head on back your folks house in the states and setup an offshore bank account for your capital to be wired into, then proceed to kick it, smoke some dro and watch anime and enjoy having a nice under the table income. =]

    It's all really quite easy once you get the ball rolling. You'll see.
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  2. That was pretty thorough and I can tell you had some time to think about it, Arukas you goddamn criminal lol. I like the smoke some dro and watch anime part. I would have to have the love of my life in that lifestyle, only way to stay grounded.
  3. so I finally got around to watching those eps

    I actually tried about 5x and just couldn't do it...but now that I did, I LIKE IT
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  4. I haven't really played console games in a few years, but got a PS4 the other week because I wanted to try out some of the anime games that seem to reach the West in abundance now, got the Berserk one, borrowed Jump stars and a Digimon one, I'm looking to get the Jojo one too, what else am I missing out on?
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  5. haha I knew you would be sold

    You have no idea how hard I was laughing when homeboy pushed that dude out in the train like that.
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  6. Naruto and Dragon Ball......Fist of The North Star (Hokuto no Ken).
  7. soooo....

    I just got my next project assignment – which is exciting!!
    my current assignment has turned to such shit just because of the culture of no accountability of this place…my role is serving in the most neutered position, of the most neutered dept. on site – and it fucking sucks. I am essentially a well-paid administrator—I sit in a cubicle 10hrs a day and REWRITE PM plans, generate reports, send emails, and pull data from the CMMS…or at least I did…the client company got hit with a cyber-attack that disrupted their ENTIRE GLOBAL NETWORK…so they cannot produce anything…they pay us to come in and do absolutely nothing while they rebuild it from scratch
    …I generally tether my cellphone to my computer and surf the internet all day…then we sit around and talk about nothing worthwhile until quitting time – we are in week 3, but they estimate there’s still another 2 months or so of this – and IT. IS. TORTURE…I like my co-workers and all…but time DRAGS when there is nothing to do

    My next assignment is actually testing equipment again…and I will be the number #3 person on site (the other two guys have been with the company 12 and 10 yrs…then me 2 yrs…then 3 brand new hires/people)…so I’m excited for that new job (and obviously new role as I will be responsible for on-boarding the new hires – gonna put them to work the way that I see fit – which IF they CAN hang will make them valuable assets)…a nice junior level role there

    ALSO, the wife got a job that will put us back at $200k+ a year -- which is VERY exciting!!
    we will be moving from BFE NC to slightly more expensive BFE NC next month – which here’s the thing...I get that we were "spoiled" where we were (our monthly expenses were something like $1500 -- and we were making $3500+/week)...but geezus places are so expensive for no fucking reason…and landlords and realty companies apparently believe they are doing you a favor and you HAVE to pay them for the privilege of using their shitty properties or because they spent their time with you….and when you politely tell them to go fuck themselves, politely (1060 sq ft home, 1 bed, 1 bath, no appliances, and hasnt been touched, cleaned, updated, etc for at least 2 decades -- for $2500/month in BFE NC) , they start to either show their true colors or start begging

    like this one property we visited…the guy gives us the story about the little old lady who stayed there, got sick and left then died, and said the place was empty for 4 yrs

    he calls the next day saying…”I need you to commit and sign paperwork today cuz I got 2 others interested”

    I told him to go ahead with the other couples…and that we were interested and if the others fell through let us know…and in the meantime we would look for something else as a plan B

    …then he called the next day with some nonsense of, it’s only fair you get first dibs….so I told him to skip me
    …he called a week later…and every day for a week saying the others fell through and if I was still interested, they want to give me a chance
    (here's the secret: I dont think there were other people interested)

    I eventually said no thanks because you were playing games with me…you wasted my time, so I’m wasting yours

    Since then, we have found a slightly newer house, but slightly smaller….but both are smaller and newer than the current house we rent

    I just can’t see myself spending $2000/month for rent for a house that matches the dimensions we have now compared to the $325 we pay right now
    …we decided $1000/mth max is acceptable because spending $12k to rent something small and nice is doable/reasonable…but spending $20k+ for something larger and/or nicer is not (I feel I can put that money to MUCH better use)

    There was one house that blew us away though…the internet pictures did not do it justice…and the internet had no info on it

    when we opened that front door…OH MY GOD…a little mcmansion…4000+ sq ft, ranch, 5 BR, 4.5 bath, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets in every room, new carpet and blue film still on the brand new appliances, 2 car garage (though it was filled to the ceiling with construction shit)…but an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE…if we took all the stuff my wife and I own now and put it in that house…we would probably fill 1.5 rooms…just way too much for the two of us if we are only renting for a year or so

    we have 2 plans right now...and some big life goals (baby #1 – who knew that it was hard to get pregnant after a decade of taking birth control?)
    1. we are going to rent again for 1 year...get to know the area/neighborhoods and then buy a house for cash and move in

    2. we are going to rent for a yr...buy a foreclosure cash and either
    A: move in
    B: flip it
    C: rent it

    3. some combination of 1 and 2

    so anyway...turns out the metro area we are moving to has a few problems...
    1: looks like industry is dying and/or moving away

    2: CRIME is an issue – and it’s funny, the type of crime that bothers me…I don’t care about the violent assaults or murders at all (because they are mostly between acquaintances…or husband, wife, boyfriend/girlfriend)…I only count the rapes (only 2 in the city so that is good and between acquaintances again), breaking/entering, and vehicle thefts…and in a place where the average household income is $32K….guess who isn’t telling the neighbors…”I’m an engineer and my wife is an engineer too”?…NOPE…I’m a lead operator and my wife is a shift manager – the area where we are renting is about 30 miles out of the metro area – most of the crime around us is EBT fraud related – so don’t really care about that either

    3: the school systems are absolute shit apparently (horribly ranked…but I knew a few people in college from this area…and 99% of them were respectable citizens except the one dumb fuck who THOUGHT he was hard and we just didn’t get along because I would tell him to STFU -- “You can’t be a thug and majoring in engineering”…then one day he “tried” to fight me and got his feeling hurt because he was bitch-made…so yea…if we ever have kids, I think we can overcome that nonsense with good values and actually giving a damn
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  8. f

    Been here since 2005 and have to say a lot of things have happened but... i did get married so... meh
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  9. Guess who I am?
  10. hows marriage?
  11. Hiya Pebbs and I have no idea Battery and I officially know Killa better than my brother now lol.
  12. Cl0ud_
  13. So I just went to an Ostrich farm today and had some Ostrich and Water Buffalo burgers. It was delicious and I recommed everyone to try. The Ostrich meat is very lean but good, the Buffalo is juicer of course because it's a fattier meat.

    I did the tour around the farm first and got to feed them some corn and then I got to eat them :). I brought back with me Wild Boar, Ostrich, Kangaroo and Camel burgers. I will try those other meats later throughout the week. I will just throw a pair on the grill when I get home from work.

    It's pretty funny how I came about going there. I was covering a midnight shift and bored as hell. I was watching wild animals eating each other on youtube and then I stumbled on I think it was a Jaguar eating an Ostrich or something. That's when I thought to myself how does Ostrich meat taste, I know I like chicken so I must like Ostrich. lol and so here we are my friends with Ostrich meat inside my belly.

    I told my brother that I'm on my Bishoku-yo Toriko tip.

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  14. Ostrich's are pretty cool, the blue-neck Ostrich is native to my parents homeland.
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  15. What is your parents native homeland again? These ones originated from South Africa.

    Interesting fact:

    1 Ostrich egg = 24 children eggs
    Takes an an hour and 15 min to boil an ostrich egg
  16. ^My parents are from Somalia
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  17. cool, never knew that about you Kickz.
  18. I've always kind of tended to shy away from it considering the state of that country the last 2 decades or so, but it has been turning it around lately though.
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