1. Japan has no history of gun culture so that's why. But it doesn't stop people, especially Yakuza from shooting people or using grenades. Yes, quite a few years ago there were signs warning about "drive by grenadings" between Yakuza families. People just strangle people or stab people if they want to kill them. If you ever want to know about all the fucked up shit that happens in Japan just go to the website Tokyo Reporter (NSFW).
  2. We should be fair and find a stat with people dying by stab (kunai, sword, knife) wounds with other countries compared to the U.S I'm sure they'll be better.

    Grenade huh? that's hardcore shit
  3. so...went to a recruiting thing/social networking thing representing my company last night...a coworker showed up as well

    are college kids really THAT fucking stupid?

    one guy gave me his resume with no contact info...I told him to handwrite it in

    he writes down something like sexydarkchocolate96atgmail
    ...I balled it up in front of him and told him to give me another one with an adult email

    ...this one girl gave me a resume...and I wonder if she is even literate

    ...I threw away quite a few of them because why waste another person's time
  4. I don't know why people think that it's rocket surgery to compose a proper resume. It should only be 1 page.

    The lack of literacy that many millennials have is concerning. I feel that a lot of it is modern society's self-centered nature. "They should hire me because I'm, well... ME!"

    In the concise "goals" paragraph, include something eye-catching like: "My drive is what sets me apart. Like building a house, it's not the walls or the roof; it's the foundation that I build everything else on. With the knowledge and experience that I aspire for working at Bullshit Company I feel that we can become an outstanding team and build great things... fuck face."

    Also, place former co-workers and bosses on a pedestal. See them as important mentors and that team work is the most important contribution to success. Even if you couldn't stand those assholes. People eat that up.

    That's all the advice I'm giving away for free.
  5. I fucking died @ sexydarkchocolate hahaha
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  6. ...and the hits keep on coming!!

    so the few resumes that I kept...I proofread [mostly] for grammar, spelling, and flow...not necessarily content or deep thought...I even marked them up (in red ink because I find that funny)...scanned them

    emailed the kids and told them...fix this and this...then send it back in to this direct email of our corporate recruiter -- express some interest (it's his job to schedule interviews and review for content, competence, fit before the interview digs deep in)

    little things like the guy with the email episode
    ...or on the resume putting that they were president of this international organization but really meant they were president of their campus chapter of this organization
    ...or your dates don't match up
    ...or your font is inconsistent throughout
    ...and UGH! for the love of god -- if they make spellcheck USE IT!!!!!!

    again...makes me wonder if these are their actual resumes or if it was something they typed up quickly the night before the networking event just so they wouldn't be empty handed

    first off...I got a few thank you "Mr. Killacross, I will do that and get it in quickly" which was weird to me -- but makes sense -- haha

    but apparently I microagressed some dumb bitch -- her entry on her resume, verbatim as the treasurer of her student organization
    "I make sure things are done in a meticulously way so that there is no doubts about me handling the money for the organization purposes only."

    oh the irony!

    anyway I emailed her back with other grammatical corrections and said...this sentence is awkward, could you please rewrite or rephrase this?

    her: oh I misunderstood, are you a recruiter or a hiring manager?...I thought you would be something more like a future coworker

    me: I am not either, but I wanted to give you the best opportunity -- couldn't hurt to review it and catch easy corrections before it goes to the person who makes the decision

    her: if you are not the hiring manager, you have no right to invade my privacy and review my resume or make suggestions on how to change it -- forward to the hiring manager immediately <-- dumb bitch didn't even say please and she gave me a PAPER copy of her resume...so I don't know wtf

    me: Oh, I'm sorry, I did not realize. Please forgive me

    ....then I forwarded the email exchange to the hiring manager w/ her resume and said red flag -- trash this

    We. Are. Doomed.
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  7. Two page resumes are only for upper management people because they just have so much work experience and history by that point.

    Also, one thing people don't understand is that with a resume people don't care about what you did. They care about what you accomplished in those previous positions.

    Wait...killa weren't you the person who collected the resumes so you were the first to see them, right? By that very nature your company is essentially saying, "Please weed out any red flags if you wish." Dumb bitch.
  8. that's the thing tho...it was very informal...we were there to scratch up some work...and to grow that network...not really recruit

    it only came up as we were mingling and drinking and the usual conversations of who do you work for? what do you do? work any projects that I would have heard of? any interesting projects coming up? my company does this...but not this -- and I heard your company does that one thing...plus I worked with Mike on a project 2 yrs back...here's some leads and contacts

    its a very small industry...and relationships are everything

    so I/we weren't expecting college kids to show up...

    personally, I was impressed that they did show because it shows SOME initiative (most people assume getting jobs is filling out online applications and spamming inboxes w/ resumes -- but I'd guess something like 80-90% of people are hired for GOOD jobs because of who they know -- and I'd wager usually before the position is even posted to the public)

    my last years in college I was working two jobs...

    when I graduated college...I didn't go the networking path and instead I struggled...then hired a recruiting company and got my first adult job -- but it was absolute shit -- a job in my field, with an engineering degree for $15/hr (very limited overtime) and no real path to advance --- but hey 2 jobs --> 1 & it was clean, non-manual labor work for the same money

    stayed there a year to get some experience, self funded some certifications...then worked my college network of friends and got my 2nd adult job for twice the money

    now I'm at my current company where I got another big pay bump (though first starting I made less but there was potential) and just coming up on 2 years

    so in 5 years I've tripled my income

    now I have experience and credentials and accolades so that my resume actually stands out...5 yrs outta school I have a 2 page resume and more importantly got rid of the space filler (volunteered here, researched this, my relevant coursework)...and even then, going to actual college recruiting events vs professional events...I guess I already knew people are fucking dumb

    if you come to the career fair in your pajamas and flipflops...I am still trashing your resume Mr 4.0
    if you cant brush your fucking hair...I am trashing your resume Mr Ph D
    if you cant give a firm handshake (man or woman) and look me in the eyes...I'm trashing your resume...
    if you come to the follow up/informal interview...and haven't AT LEAST google searched what my company does...I mark you off the list
    if you come to the follow up/informal interview....and you cant answer "why do you want to work for us" or "what do you have to offer our company?"...I mark you off
    if your resume is essentially, I've worked at the last company for the past 10 years and haven't advanced at all, at least once or twice in all that time...I mark you off as well

    my colleagues like technical questions or the open ended trick question, riddle deals -- tho I personally do not see the point because we are honestly not doing calculations every day...but they say it lets them see if the people are problem solvers yada yada

    I'm not sure if I'm consistent...because generally if you impress me in the first 10 seconds...I'm easier on you...but bad first impressions and you are almost certainly doomed...at career fairs...they hand me a resume I don't even look at it...instead, "tell me about YOU" ... from those 2 minute conversations I decide whether you can come back...I read the resume that night and then judge you...and after I get you AND your resume in one room...I decide Ye or Nay

    ...I'm just a hard sell
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  9. I now know Killa is the girl from Youjo Senki....watch the first 2 eps to know what I mean.
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  10. I interviewed two people Yesterday and the second was so confident in their CV. They spent a very long time waffling and not answering really basic questions despite the questions being reworded they still failed to provide an answer. After 20 minutes they mentioned how they expect we haven't seen a CV with the quality of his before and that he had the paperwork to back it up. I was gobsmacked and sat there for nearly 10 seconds in silence until he broke it and carried on waffling.

    People are completely delutional. This was the single worst CV I've ever seen and had it been properly vetted I wouldn't have interviewed him. It isn't hard. Please don't give me 4 pages of paragraphs with narrow margins and size 8 or 9 font. Fuck off. He was lucky that I even read half of the first page before I got bored.

    We've all known each other for a while now between NM and TAL. We all know I can waffle myself but this guy literally used 5 or 6 words in sentances when 1 would suffice! I haven't read Penny Arcade in years but much like Tycho, this guy liked the sound of his own voice and err... words. Unlike Tycho he wasn't in the least bit amusing though.

    I'm glad other people also get to experience encounters with idiots.
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  11. Wow dude, never thought I'd read such great advice on a anime forum, haha. I'm definitely going to remember this when I hit the labor market in 1,5 years.
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  12. Respectfully most of those points should be common sense and I think that's probably what pisses killa off. killa you say you're a hard sell but I disagree. I think you're expecting the minimum. Some people would say you're overdressed if you wore a suit to an interview at McDonalds but I don't necessarily agree. First impressions set the tone and you don't want to come across insincere, lacklustre, clumsy, incompetent or ignorant. I would rather wait and find the right person for the job and deal with a reduced and headcount and the problems that come with that than be forced into hiring someone subpar.

    Not everyone has a history of great achievements or a long employment history so it's to be expected that there may be some fluff. 2 pages is the perfect length assuming that everything on their is bulletpointed and only elaborated on where required.

    You should try and qualify any statements on their as well. The guy that boasted about his CV during the interview had things listed like "achieved a £77k saving on a such and such contract. Saved £95k on a such and such a programme". That might mean something to him but it's irrelevant without context. If that programme cost £5 million then GTFO of my face, you did a pathetic job. If the programme cost £200k or it was a niche supplier or you were able to make the savings in a unique way or gain some additional added value etc etc, that's what I want to know about.

    DM is spot on, at a glance I would like to know what their previous roles covered but the point of a CV is to get you in the door so that I can ask the questions I want face to face. If there are typos, inconsistencies, poor layout etc I'm not going to want to read it let alone interview you.

    Outside of networking events the 2 page piece of paper is all anyone has to go on for who you are. The CV should be tailored (where possible) to a role. If that means when you're applying for jobs that you have 10 different CV's I think that's fair enough.

    Don't forget to update your CV when you achieve something as well. When you've been in a job for a few years and decide it's time for a change it can be a pain in the arse to try and remember things you've done. I try to update it as I go, not in any detail but add things on there so that I can reference them if needed.
  13. Agreed.. If you expect a company to give you their money.. You should at least PRETEND to give a damn
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  14. I'm almost tempted to post my CV and let Killa and Mongor critic it.
  15. critiQUE

    -1 pt

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  16. Lmao, typing from my phone and autocorrect didn't pop up, now I change my mind.
  17. My resume:


    I have an 11" dick and you'd be damn lucky to have me.

    Contact: Ask your wife where to find me.

    The End.
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  18. So... EU and US FDA have reached a tentative agreement that allows them to use each other's GMP inspections and processes

    Means it should be easier to get the drugs into each other's markets and bring inspection and agency operating costs down somewhat... Last time it was updated this much was 1998
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  19. Krozar works on the Bang Bros staff now. Where he is appreciated...
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  20. Krozar works on the Bang Bros staff now. Where he is appreciated...
  21. I'm looking for a part time job with money under the table. Where can I sign up Arukas....and what other good part time jobs are there out there.

    I'm currently doing some customer service related Volunteering. I may elaborate more at another time.

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