1. Ahahahahahaahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Mate that shit was totally worth it!
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  2. Originally Brooklyn NY then New Jersey from 13 years old onward. So my accent was essentially a New York accent. Due to living abroad, speaking Japanese and having to change the way I speak when I work, my accent as gotten all screwed up. Also being here, you interact with a lot of native English speakers from all over the world (and other parts of America) so my accent was influenced by that as well. I still occasionally drop into a really NY accent and there are still words that are forever NY for me. Like coffee, water, and then words like talk, walk, etc

    They coached me more in what they wanted my facial expressions to be. Which was a pain in the ass because due to having this green thing around my head (for compositing my head into the kids' mouths) I had to do all of these facial expressions but I couldn't move my head. That is shit is super hard to do. Trying to do over the top, extreme facial expressions without moving your head. At one point I had the production assistant holding parts of my head to make sure it didn't move.

    Director directions: Remember...EDDIE MURPHY! WILL SMITH!


  3. I'm considering going out that way for vacation. I don't travel much but legal weed + mountainous vista, what's not to like.
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  4. legal weed literally everywhere... seriously, it's crazy how many pot stores there are.
  5. Still gotta sit tight here in Canada for dat legal ganja...
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  6. So guys, what's the deal with forums these days? Do people actually still actively use forums like they did when we were younger and congregated on NarutoMania and others?

    Or has Reddit and the other big boys just replaced that kinda thing?
  7. I didn't realize how many pointless threads you still had in here bro...

    Bored much?
  8. This thread is a year old. You wanna fight me?

    You should know that I'm a 10th degree blackbelt in ZA WARUDO.
  9. Tim.. Gtf off Barry's account bro.. We've talked about this. It doesn't matter what account you're posting from. No one believes you.
  10. What gave it away?

    *hides Junkrat t-shirt*
  11. Junkrat is garbage bro. Stop wearing that t shirt everywhere.. Or at least wash the fuckin thing. :again:
  12. jesus, all of the bad elements are reappearing
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  13. :toenee
  14. I do legit have a Junkrat shirt.
  15. I moved to Florida btw. Any of you nerds in the area please stay away from me.
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  16. I joined a fraternity this year and it's a lot different than I thought. A lot more drinking involved than I was prepared for.
  17. Shut up, nerds.
  18. LOL I don't know why I'm surprised but that's hilarious.
  19. I just got back from a trip to Nicaragua

    This trip literally changed my life (no drama but I'm tired and will write it up later). 2017 is going to be my monster year!
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  20. Good for you Killacros! I'm looking forward to the write up.

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