1. ^
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  2. Back in school.
  3. I might be getting a teaching position soon.

    I'm already presetting my nervous breakdown watch at "Two months"...
  4. being an accountant and doing studies to be even more an accountant.
  5. land surveyor, lots of travel across colorado and the rocky mountain region
  6. Left my company as a Pharma Engineer 30miles from home...to be a Pharma Engineer Consultant at a job site 450+ miles from home...BIG pay bump (take home 100% of my check because food, housing, gas, etc. is 100% covered by the client) but a lot of travel...fortunately, Im on a 2 wks on / 1 wk off schedule

    "the boss" says I have 2 years before she wants to start making babies
  7. Still in Uni, studying Sinology (Chinese). Starting my Masters now, and will probably get a law degree after that.
  8. Up until 2 days ago was doing loads for Walmart on a dedicated account. My company screwed me over so I left. Looking for a local back in TX.
  9. Kro, you're back?
  10. New job, new city. Maybe buying a condo and renting it when I move again in 3-5 years. Looking to put lots of letters after my name.
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  11. yessir
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  12. Ahh no krozar emote.. well I spent 30 secs making this so enjoy.

    Seriously though wb and gl bud.
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  13. Up in north dakota again, this place sucks. Also my boss wouldn't be super stoked about the drive up here that we just did...
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  14. What you doing in ND?

    Vicious... best gfx ever :D
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  15. Land surveying, contracted through Fish and Wildlife to survey and post boundaries on wildfowl production areas
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  16. Studying computer science but got suspended for a semester
  17. just got internet turned on here
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  18. Working as a logistics manager in a laboratory, enjoying life with my wife and kid, planning our second one, finishing the plans of our future house with our architect, looking for GOT spoilers or Dark Souls 3 info every fucking evening, getting fat... :rolleyes:
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  19. I was working in the Forestry industry up north but now I'm back.
  20. Good to see this. Keep on obtaining your goals.

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