1. I'm sure most of you don't know about Valiant comics but they are set to be the third comic book shared live action universe pretty soon. So this web series and any other web content will be an introduction to universe and the characters in it. I'm a big fan of Valiant comics so to see them in live action is pretty damn cool.
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  2. Soo about bringing a sword to a gunfight....
  3. Better than a fan film but looks like it is destined to be on syfy or straight to dvd.
  4. Dude its on the web. Youtube. This is done by the people who do super power beatdown on youtube.
    Ninjak is basically the batman of that universe. High tech equipment, expert martial artist and obscenely rich.
  5. wtf is a super power beatdown? Sounds like Hiyori's super special vizard training machine
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  6. Its basically a fan film where they pit two characters against one another. Here's there latest one.
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  7. It's a fairly biased vs fight thing between fictional characters.

    Should've went with this one for the boobies. :awesome

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  8. It did look very low budget but I'm ok with that. Valiant doesn't have anything like the pool of money or fanbase that DC or Marvel have. Did I briefly see XO Manowar in that teaser? It also looked like Bloodspot will have a significant place in the series.
  9. Yeah and Aric out of the suit as well. Eternal warrior, Archer and Armstrong, Livewire also makes their appearances. I'm a big fan of Eternal warrior and Armstrong.

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