1. This is a personal cloud storage device and the one I own is the 4Tb device here:


    What is it? This is what WD say:

    Save everything in one place and access it from anywhere with your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Protect your files with automatic file backup for all your computers. And with direct file uploads from your mobile devices, all your important data is safely stored on your personal cloud.

    The reason I bought it:

    I could upload, films, photo's, music and data and access it from anywhere anytime I wanted to but also use the device as a back up for my computer. I could wirelessly use Timemachine and stream films to my phone or from anywhere in the world AND I can add users and grant other people access to parts of the drive.

    I used to use the VLC app on my phone to stream films but it was laggy and unreliable. Because I work away quite often I thought it would be good to have something better. I also share a lot of manga and anime with friends but some have crap connections or issues downloading various things and I was sick and tired and swapping memory sticks back and forth.

    Not long after I had it I realised that it was auto sync'd to my PS3 so that I could stream the films (provided that they're in a readable format) to my TV. Excellent! Access to all my music and films on my TV too.

    Until last week I was very happy with this device... then it broke. Ultimatley while it was idle the power cut and the harddrive became corrupted and wouldn't mount. After speaking to tech support and allowing them to remote access the device it isn't recoverable. They have been very good and are sending me a replacement device asap but 2 main issues have not been resolved. My data is lost and there is no guarantee that this problem won't happen again so I have no faith in using this as a storage device.

    I will continue to use the new device as I did the old one (streaming films etc) but I will be buying a seperate HDD for backups.

    Does anyone else have one of these? Were you thinking of buying one? I thought I'd share this just incase. A couple of my friends have one and they're now all shitting themselves that a simple power cut could ruin their device.
  2. Can't folks like geeksquad ( not advertising them or anything just big name tech repair places ) repair this?

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