1. I am sure everyone has heard of this by now.


    Makes me furious. What's the point of the Afghan war? Is it attrition? Or was it to win the hearts and minds--spreading freedom and Democracy (envision flying doves and fireworks)?

    These Marines are a shame to this entire effort and for every Taliban fighter they killed, they just recruited dozens more.

    I have seen articles of former Marines making every excuse in the book for these guys, but to me it sounds like a drug addict in denial. We're not supposed to be comparing ourselves to the Taliban.

    I am realizing this is why I am starting to like the Occupy movement so much, because they're doing what Americans do all over the world: occupying something that doesn't belong to them.

    There will be backlash from this and we'll deserve every bit of it.

  2. Not again. The only thing that doesn't surprise me more is that there are actually people out here defending their actions.
  3. Yeah it's a shame. pretty much every news site out there is people defending the actions.

    This whole thing is symbolic of the money being pissed away by both wars. At the end of the day the US is going to be hated more and more in danger of terrorism. This is yet another recruitment video for terrorist groups to use.
  4. Last time I saw this in news few days ago it was still open was it real or fake. Has it been now confirmed to be a real thing?
  5. Yes it is real. The 2 Marines have been identified.
  6. I'm more surprised by the people defending them.. and theres A LOT of them.

    What is this fucking idiot phenomenon? Maybe SOPA does need to pass. Maybe Americans can't handle freedom.
  7. Same, forget corpses but how do you even defend the action of pissing on anything in public(unless maybe an emergency, that's what trees are for) to begin with?
  8. Well I'm not defending the dishonorable act in the first place, but how is that any worse than the terrorist groups that would take troops and civilians hostage, then saw there heads off with rusty knives on youtube? One act doesn't deserve another, but I wouldn't show any pitty.
  9. I personally don't give a shit. I'm mad at them for taping it. Why did they think that was a good idea? Lets be honest here, they do shit like this to captured/dead US soldiers and we do this shit to them. Keep that shit in your unit or whatever. Don't videotape it for the world to see!
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  10. Yeah, but when you see something stupid being done nothing wrong with pointing it out. I see where you're coming form though.
  11. Oh don't get me wrong, they should be punished for being disrespectful and unprofessional in uniform. And pointing out wrong doing just isn't enough, you have to do something about it. I'm just saying, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over this, and I don't plan to.
  12. I understand what you're saying, but its kinda silly to compare pissing on a dead body, to decapitating a live human being......theres no question as to which ones worse, thus its kinda pointless to even mention.
  13. To you its a far extreme but the whole burial process is of great importance in their culture. And your right, it's like comparing apples and oranges. But my point was one shouldn't begot hate and ignorance with more ignorance.
  14. Facts at the end of that day:

    1. No matter how noble the US intentions are, the US is still an invading force.
    2. People, in a uniformed--organized--fighting force or not still have a right to fight for their homeland.
    3. "Taliban" is a label we place on ALL insurgents. That accuracy is unknown.
    4. IIRC it was Al Qaeda and other Pakistani-based terror organizations doing the beheadings.
  15. It is just a few Marines pissing on a body, no big deal.

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