1. Well, as you can see, I updated the site. Things are still broken here and there and I have to go through and sort them out one by one. The majority of the forum works, so general usage won't be affected. I'll shortly make two separate threads: one for the style and one for everything else.

    I understand a lot of you might not like it as it is right now, but please try and bear with me. There is no way I can try to get all this done with just my eyes looking at everything. The more eyes I get (i.e. all users), the faster things will actually get around to working sooner.

    Since I'm about to fall over, I'll continue tomorrow.
  2. Word of advice, take it back to the original, it was a lot easier to use.

    As my website creation tutor from college said "Less is more" and "Simple is better".

    I never actually understood what he meant untill I made my own website in college(his actual website technically, it was a project), and realised, after extensive reviews, just what he meant.

    So yes, change it back, this is too "flashy" and it actually hurts my head lol

    But that's just my view on it.
  3. There are some texts that aren't readable because they are the same color as the background.
  4. haha none of skins are compatible? after finals and stuff ill try help out finish it off ._. this is different, im all for change :p
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  5. No, but all in all, making a skin is far easier once you learn the new system. I'm still learning it (which is pretty obvious because of all the style inconsistencies :p), but it's fairly easy once you match vars to actual forum elements.
  6. I like the new look. Some of the functionality is gone but I assume that you're working on it. As always, great job and thank you for maintaining this site.
  7. um but can i ask why , the old skin look great enough to me , didn't have to change it
  8. It'll be added back once the bugs on the new one is finished.
  9. this
  10. Aww balls! I guess I just have to get used to it then.
  11. holy shit, I just decided to take a look in the stye manager, lol wow. uhm easier in that everything is labeled and we get more control over a skin yes, however wow, that is a lotttt to go over figure out whats what and understand and translate =/

    ill try get new skin over to this system this week before xmas possibly since im on break now.
  12. wait when are you making this new skin?? cos im making buttons for this current one
  13. Don't worry. The tal skin is still the default skin so I still need buttons.
  14. hey is there a temp or somehow view the skin i finished on the previous forum? i dont even remember wat it looks like at the moment o_o'
  15. Change is good.
    I fail to see how this is complicated, hell, just looking on how it is based I imagine coding for this site has simplified a lot as well. Keep up the good work!

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