1. You have no idea what you're talking about. Ronda Rousey would absolutely destroy Floyd Mayweather in MMA or a street fighter, and it wouldn't even be competitive. Ronda Rousey can throw around 200+lb guys with relative ease, and absolutely dominates much larger men in sparring, even when they have grappling experience. It isn't until she runs into guys who have truly elite grappling bases that she has trouble, and Floyd Mayweather hasn't grappled a day in his life. His boxing means absolutely nothing against Rousey, he'll be on his back tapping to an armbar within a minute. You have to be delusional to believe that a girl with an Olympic medal in throwing people around, who regularly throws around bigger people with years of grappling experience, can't throw around a guy of her own weight because he's really good at boxing. Don't kid yourself.
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  2. We are talking about a sport where both people are trying to throw each other... not punch. Tell me this, did she ever fight guys her own weight in the Olympics?
  3. How dumb a question can you ask?

    And do you even know what MMA is? She won both of her last two fights by brutal KO. She knows how to punch, and she knows how to throw people who want to punch her. If you think that Floyd would stand any decent chance in a fight against Ronda, you need to educate yourself on martial arts. Knowing how to box, no matter how masterfully, will not stop Ronda's throws. Not a competitive fight. Floyd vs any All-American college wrestler would be much more competitive, and Floyd probably loses there too.
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  4. I watch MMA... I know enough about Rousey. I also know that Floyd has a good 25 pounds, give or take on her, more reach, and a little height on her. If you don't think that is important, I think you need to educate yourself on physics.

    I also know that she is in the bantamweight class, and that she knocked out that last girl 16 seconds into the fight. I also know that they have separate titles for men and women. They obviously do not have the men and women fight for a reason.

    However else it comes down to it, if Floyd could land one punch, she would go down instantly.
  5. No, he does not. Clearly you do not know enough about Rousey.

    And even if he did have 25lbs on her, she'd still throw him and instantly armbar him. You think Floyd would definitely KO her with one punch? LOL? Yeah bro, Floyd KOing everyone these days. The guy can barely put a mark on a man's face after hitting them over a hundred times, he's a point fighter, he'd need to hit Rousey very hard, very clean to have any chance of KOing her. He could certainly do it, but the fact that you're sitting here arguing that Floyd is 25lbs heavier than Rousey and would KO her with a single punch shows that you have no idea what you're talking about. You couldn't be more uneducated.
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  6. But guys, Hulk Hogan could beat them both. I know it cause he has 24 pounds on Floyd and 49 pounds on Ronda. It`s simple physics.
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