1. Awesome.
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  3. So... we're going to have to go through some new DC streaming service now too?
  4. I said this recently but the only way I will pay for another streaming service is it offers me enough to justify the cost other than just one show. I guess one could wait till they are all done and pay, marathon then cancel or maybe they will have a free trial (probably with ads)..idk. A good example of a streaming service I will NOT pay for is the cbs all access for the new star trek show coming soon.

    Thing is with DC is I already have most if not all of the content on bluray that I would want to watch so it is pretty much guaranteed I will watch it on a free stream site. I am not even going to entertain the idea that free streams will hurt any chance of future seasons being produced because if toys / merch do not sell then any ratings/views won't make a big difference. I will buy the bluray though like the others.

    Last thing: I read they are going to put the live action Teen Titans show on this streaming service to coincide with YJ. That couuuulldd maybe make a difference but eh.

    I am curious as to how they are going to market this DC channel that I assume is only going to be internet only and I guess apps like via ps4, etc. I guess just do it like Funimation..of course their library is made up of endless anime titles.
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  5. Came across this looking for info on the streaming service. No judgements on my part, take it how you like:

    Edit: Also -
    This is only for the live action show though.
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  6. [IMG]

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  7. bah I should have posted all that info in the shoutbox in here. My bad Kickz.
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  8. Nice with the inclusion of Thirteen, Arrowette, Static and Spoiler. I have forgotten, is that Tim as the Robin? And Bart as kid flash?
  9. ^No Worries
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  11. I like Greg Weisman's twitter profile cover
  12. I am thoroughly hyped.
  13. :3:

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