1. Look I know I do not work in that industry and do not know shit about how it works so I am armchairing this.. but what a load of horseshit. YJ has been on Netflix since 2014. How much more viewing do you need.

    On top of that YJ never had a chance on CN. I don't want to revisit all that again but when you have a show that gets no marketing/advertising and their main focus is toys.. for a show whose main demographic is not Teen Titans Go..it is going to fail.

    I get it..cartoons aren't focused on the grown ass man demographic and TTGo works there. It's just too bad YJ didn't find a home at Netflix sooner but Netflix needs to cut out the "keep watching it if you want a S3" bullshit. It's been watched enough and if they are so amazed at how people love the show up to this point then get on with the obvious next step. Season 3 and 4.

    The show has been out since what 2010? Just for the record this keep watching for S3 stuff has been spouted for over a year now. At some point it just starts to reek of trolling their members for other financial objectives... I mean they could keep saying this for years lol. At some point the fans will just say f it and stop watching the show. I mean how much can you rewatch 2 seasons.

    Also, these fanboys on twitter who say it's not a race..it's a marathon. Keep watching and let them yank your chain and we'll get S3 stuff drives me nuts.
  2. Thank the Netflix Gods.
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  3. Holy crap.. Its finally happening..
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  4. [IMG]
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  5. I'm so happy I peed a little
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  6. So do you guys think this should air back on CN or should it jiust air on Netflix?

    I kinda hope it will end up on Toonami.
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  7. I am fine with Netflix, atleast there we know its success won't be tied to toy sales
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  8. Oh My God No as far as CN even if it's on Toonami. It has not been official where it will be but I hope it is on Netflix and I would assume it would be since S3 was so damn dependent on S1/2 views there. That is exactly what WB was looking at as a determining factor.

    I love Toonami but DeMarco and crew there are just as itchy to pull the plug on a show as their counterparts for toons on CN were. It needs to go where not only the targeted demographics can view it whenever they want but that anyone can. Why limit it to Sat mornings or late Sat Evening which is what Toonami is.

    I am late to this news so I am thrilled beyond belief and somewhat surprised. Maybe my diatribe above got them going lol. Either way S3 speculation... BEGIN!

    ..also I had to remove your cosplay avatar ..it was DM right? People are going to think I'm a black Ninja which is cool but I'm not that cool.
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  9. Not me. That was San.
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  10. I'm actually the last long forgotten Uchiha. I'm Itachi's son, I'm half Uchiha and my mother is from the Cloud village. While Itachi was a rouge ninja he needed to bust a nut. He remembered hearing about this place Jiraiya mentioned long ago close by the Cloud village and that is where I was conceived. I have a load of arsenals at my disposal. I have a mastery in ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu. I have a kekkai genkai and for some reason I don't require new eyeballs.

    Someone give the script to Kishimoto and make this happen. Or it doesn't have to be Itachi I could be the son of an Uchiha that fled the village to avoid the coup and stumbled around the Cloud village. That way I can ask for Sasuke's daughters hand in marriage when she is of age to regrow the clan. Sasuke takes a liking to me because of this idea to revive his clan and decides to train me in all this ninjutsus.

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  11. lol Sorry San that's right.. Good lord San you should of taken part in our forum's role play section.. Wait don't we have a role play thread? Great stuff San and my apologies.
  12. I hope it's on Netflix cause I like getting the whole season in one go.

    And yes there is still a rp section here.
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  13. Well that is a good point Eson. Get the full season at once. I did look forward to that "next saturday" to see the new ep like we do anime every week though. What is better to you to give it to the masses all at once or spread it out like Arrow, Flash, etc.
  14. All at once cause then I can watch it at my own pace without having to wait. Plus there is the part that Netflix doesn't require me to have a cable package with a bunch of channels I don't plan on watching in order to watch the show from anywhere I go.
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  15. As long as they don't change the tone of the show I don't care where it ends up at. Stop trying to pander to children or try to sell toys and give us as it was before. There are shows that already is targeted at the younger audience. And don't forget about the Darkseid storyline they teased at the end of season 2.
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  16. Since we have lots of female heroes I expect an orgy.. wait since Donny got elected does this mean muff brunch is over?? NOOOOOOO!!!
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