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  2. It better be good... because I... I don't know if I can take another disappointment.
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  3. Well if it's a pos or they cancel it I am going to sheep rape every single one of you in person.. so buckle up bitches.
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  4. Hey guys, TNT said no on the live action Teen Titans.

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  5. I didn't want it there anyway...
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  6. [IMG]
    So this is what we are getting.
    On the bright side Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are reprising their roles.
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  7. Not thrilled with the teen titans go kind of art.. they are definitely going for a younger crowd. I mean I get it ..it's cartoons and I am curious to see what they do since they'll have darkseid in it.

    Is this going to be comedy land.. is it going to be like that sucky beware the batman. Sorry guys but I think the days of YJ serious type toons is over.
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  8. Pretty much the only reason I might watch this.
  9. Well there it is, looks like Netflix might finally be reviving a show we give a damn about.

  10. Netflix! You boss!!!

    Oh and Kickz - best post this year....
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  11. Interesting - Netflix has some pretty good shows, if they can get some good writers on this I'll be all over it.
  12. Weisman and co. will write again. I would also assume most of the same staff will come back. I don't understand though.. netflix is looking at the numbers? So they want to see if it's viable money wise and I assume that means marketing?

    Isn't that where CN said if failed miserably.. toys specifically. Then again it's Netflix and their model isn't the same. This would get more of my attention obviously than that new series coming out.
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  13. Sadness, oh well.

    It depends on what acquiring the show costs, and what they get out of it. For example, if Netflix wants the show and part of the toy rights, how much of an outlay would that be? How many more subscribers is it going to bring in, and what other merchandise do they think they can get a part of (if any)? They will be the only place airing the new episodes, after all.

    They also have to look at demographics. As Netflix is a subscription-based model, and only the parents have access to the credit cards, getting a show that doesn't appeal directly to the parents is attempting to forecast how many parents are going to renew / maintain or otherwise start a new subscription for the show because their kid wants it. When the target audience is teenagers (presumably), how likely are they going to be able to influence their parents to subscribe (if they haven't already) versus just download the show? Would tweaking it for younger audiences or older audiences get better revenue? CN seems to think so.
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  14. ^ Well done man. Ty.
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  16. Kickz is the young justice gift that keeps on giving. Bless your love hole my son. ;)
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  17. This is the kind of thing that gets my heart beating faster. I didnt want to get any hopes up when I first saw the news but it just keeps getting better and better. I think its time for a prayer.

    Oh mighty Netflix, thou surely art the god of entertainment we deserve. It is by thine blessed hand that raises Young Justice from the dead and we count ourselves at your mercy for this miracle. The gods, Old and New, do not hold a candle to thee. So we pray unto thee, bring us salvation. Bring us Young Justice. Amen.
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  18. Kicks what are you doing man? I already said that your previous post was the best post ever. This post... I can't say this post is the best POST ever... that's just stupid to me. Fudge man... this post... brought me to my knees!

    FK it. THIS post right here.... is the b...e...no... EpIII--wait for it EPIC post ever.

    wait what? Spectacular Spiderman? omg... don't toy with my heart... Don't be bringing false hope....
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  19. Someone sounds quite whelmed by this news.
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  20. So looks like we are getting darkseid It was confirmed by one of the writers and they said it will be hardcore justice and evil.
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