1. I thought the character designs looked familiar. He also did Crisis.
  2. FUDGE!
    This show is going to be awesome.
  3. From Toonzone.com

    Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. TV has issued a press release concerning related presentations during the 2010 New York Comic Con, including the following details for Young Justice:

    "Join the league! Fans were given their first glimpse of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis this past July at Comic-Con International: San Diego. But this panel will offer far more than just a glimpse, as producers Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles) answer questions from fans and show footage from this highly anticipated series. A one-hour special event of Young Justice will premiere in November 2010 on Cartoon Network, and the series begins in 2011. Young Justice is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and is based upon characters from DC Comics."
  4. This probably might be the only series I download weekly like an anime to see what happens. This show looks fucking sick. Especially since they've got the Justice League in there. Where is Wonder Woman though? I guess they're not bringing back Daly and Conroy for the Batman and Superman roles or are they letting the other do it.
  5. IF you look at the video on page 3,you can actually see Wonder Woman standing with the other JL members.

    Also,Superman will be voiced by Nolan North(who will also be providing the voice of Superboy in the series)and Batman will be voiced by Bruce Greenwood.
  6. I hate it when a voice actor does 2 characters in the same show. Even though they try to make them sound different it always ends making the characters sound to similar IMO. Like Marlie said, after reading that ign article and seeing the trailer I'm really psycked up for this. I've always been on the fence when it's about the art in DC and MARVEL shows. Sometimes it's good but most of the times the art sucks, again IMO. But this shows style and art looks really awesome. What also bought me over are the producers (producer of Under the red hood and spectacular spiderman) how awesome is that! So to sum it up in short: A DEFINIT WATCH!
  7. Well the characters are going to sound similar anyways. Superboy is a modified clone of Superman.
  8. Yeah, but the boy is 15 (if I remember correctly) and suups is like 30 something. I sure as hell don't sound the same now as I did when I was 15 years old. Either way I'm just nitpicking I'm still gonna watch this either way.
  9. Supes doesn't age. He can sound how old he wants lol

  10. I see your bet and I raise you Phil LaMarr doing BOTH Static and Green Lantern when they were on the show together. This includes typical young static and 50 year old Static.

  11. Honestly the American VA pool isn't as big as the Japanese seiyuu. You're bound to have same actor playing different characters. Yuri Lowenthal anyone?
  12. That's probably because it doesn't have to do be, they tend to have a very large voice range. Personally I think Western VAs are much better than Japanese ones in terms of voice range. They can sound like an entirely different person for each character they do. Not all Japanese VAs do the same.

    Plus u ever notice that the American ones who do anime seem to stick to mostly anime (and japanese video games) while the ones who do American animation do mostly American animation and a lot of video games.
  13. Touche. Alot of the people that do anime work aren't usually the people that do the American stuff. Except Steve Blum. That dude is fucking everywhere.
  14. Only thing I liked about Static Shock was that they didn't name him Black Volt or something else equally ethnic and retarded.
  15. Static Shock was cool man. It got better as the show went on. And now he's been incorporated into DC Comics and is part of the Teen Titans.

    And by the way...DC already did that...


  16. I'll take your word for it. I never watched very many episodes.

    I know. That's exactly what I'm complaining about. What's up with brothers and lighting powers anyway? What are we the afro-electric company? Remember this guy? Ride The Lightning (In my pants). [IMG] I couldn't remember his name that's why I said Black Volt. It's Black Vulcan. I couldn't find a shot of him flying, but it's really retarded.

    All I wanna know is...



    Black Lightning has had so many incarnations. This one was named "Juice."
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