1. So who else has watched the season finale? Its pretty cool how Ford organized everything for the true "new storyline". The look on the man in black when he sees the hosts become truly violent was great. Both Ford and the man in black wanted the same thing for different reasons. Now the question is are any of the other "reverie" hosts on the same level of consciousness as Dolores? Maybe Maeve and Bernard are.
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  2. Only Dolores, Bernard and Maeve are consciousness were shown to achieve full consciousness.
    Clementine was lobotomize, Dolores father had gone insane. The same for a number of other hosts.
    There are many questions now, I cannot wait for the next season.
  3. I did I did. It was a really good season. And Ford turning out to not be such a bad guy was a nice twist as was the man in black storyline. Still wasn't happy that Elisa was killed off since she was one of my favorite characters. Also liked how they eluded to part of one of the other 2 worlds when they were escaping since they've said they may try to explore those worlds in future seasons.

    As for who has developed a conscious? I'd say Delores, Maeve, Bernard, and Teddy to a certain extant.
  4. That was the weirdest episode ever lol.
  5. I kept thinking that Bernard, Maeve and Teddy are the only other hosts that actually went through a "maze" of their own. And I'm almost a 100% sure the center of the maze for Maeve was escaping and that's where she met her consciousness and made a decision truly on her own to stay and look for her daughter.
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  6. I just finished the season. Due to the nature of the show it kinda made it hard to care for many of the characters. I think I was the most emotionally invested with Ed Harris' character.

    What I am curious about is if Delores will spare humans who historically haven't hurt hosts. I am also curious if Teddy will "break rank" so to speak and choose to "side with" humans because he sees what Delores is doing as wrong.

    Also, I want Felix to have a bigger role.
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  8. I wonder if I'll enjoy the second season like I did with the first. The first had so much mystery while being entertaining that it kept you drawn in. We more or less know whats going on now.

  9. Can't wait till 04/22!

    Also that Kanye cover. :awesome

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  10. The first season lost me halfway through so I will give this a shot and see if it improves. Not really concerned about catching up either. Nice trailer
  11. Supposedly they're going to be introducing Samurai World which they teased in the season finale for the coming season. And there are supposedly 4 more theme parks for them including medieval world, Roman world and the future world from the sequel movie.

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  12. Awesome totally awesome

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