1. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, and Luke Hemsworth.

    Produced by J.J. Abrams, Johnathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, and Bryan Burk.
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  2. I don't know what to make of this series just yet. I thought it was good and it peak my interest enough to watch the 2nd episode.
  3. I liked it, and that's saying something cause I'm usually not into westerns.

    Probably my favorite scene in the episode along with the one with Ford and the dad. Armistice just went ham on them.
  4. ..but it isn't a true "western" so.. did either of you ever watch the original series with Yul Brenner? I haven't seen this new series yet but how many episodes is the first season? Is there any way to watch hbo shows unless you torrent / ddl w/o having to sub to hbo.
  5. Can't expect something with androids running around to be a true western haha. And no I did not see the first tv series, movie it's all based on. For now it looks like there are 10 episodes this season. 1 of them, I think the 4th or 7th is co-written by Ed Brubaker.

    As for a streaming site, my go to used to be stream2watch. They're still around but some of the links seem to be messed up after the site update.
  6. That's a pretty legit cast though.
  7. Almost forgot, Tessa Thompson from Creed and Thor is gonna be appearing in this too. As well as Ben Barnes from the Narnia movies who was just cast as Jigsaw in The Punisher.
  8. The show looks great. I was a fan the last time Nolan and Abrams worked together. I know Abrams is only there as an executive producer capacity. The first episode was good. I've been avoiding any trailers or spoilers before coming into the show because I didn't want to ruin any of it. This show has a lot of promise.
    On a side note where is my robot hooker?:mad:
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  9. Harris and Hopkins are just killing it on this show.
  10. To me Westworld is at first the telling of MMORPG where the company wants to make the game more attractive, while the NPC are becoming self aware. But there are a lot of layers in this show, who deep its meaning:
    - Dolores and many of the hosts are one - you see them becoming more independent. They are not fully self aware;
    - Dr. Ford, Bernard with their quest to make the hosts more life like are another. Ford having a hidden agenda;
    - the in- fighting between the chief of the departments - Narative vs Programming vs QA (just like your average company);
    - the low level grunt as they work at Delos, see how they destroy or lose Thandie Newton's character ;
    - the Man in Black (Ed Harris) the sociopath who is obsessed with the game's final level;
    - the players, guests who pay 40k per day.
    I can't wait for the next episode.
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  11. at first I thought it was like an SAO set up with a western theme...people pay to dive into the game...and other are paid to be the Hosts...thought it would be interesting to watch their psyche crumble as they are constantly raped/murdered

    but nope

    now it reminds me more and more of Jurassic Park meets iRobot...
    Ill give it a full season just to see...
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  12. This is based on the old Westworld movie that Michael Crichton wrote and directed in the 70s. And Crichton is also the one who wrote Jurassic Park.
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  13. Yea.. I know that now.. But I knew nothing of the story except the trailer in some other post
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  14. Anyone still watching this? Episode 7...MADRE DE DIOS
  15. Makes me wonder who else is one? For all we know it could just be Ford working alone with his hosts.
  16. I thought he was implying that he had a few more of them hidden on the board.. Which is why he talked about the "blood sacrifice" being needed -- meaning he knew exactly how their conversation went
  17. I have been. Didn't see him having been one of them until the whole door part.

    Also good news is that the show was renewed for a second season. Bad news is that it likely won't be out till 2018. :(
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  18. I just watched ep 7 lmfao major trolling ownage. I begun to suspect Bernard being artificial closer to the end but still didn't know for sure until the boss lady grabbed the schematics. Is Ford aware of the others like the whore lady doing her own thing?
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  19. I dunno

    I think the whole Dumb and Dumber storyline is trash
    robot starts to go crazy and make crazy demands and threaten to kill you all

    you say SURE SURE...then reformat the HDD

    ...makes absolutely no sense that they would go so far for her...and the fact that they track EVERYTHING about these robots (words used, gps tracking, datalogs, decision trees etc)...but don't have a security camera anywhere in the labs drives me insane

    but the show is still entertaining for now (unlike TWD atm)...so Ill keep watching
  20. I believe it's because of the other co-founder that created some back channel coding some how that can bypass the tracking of the WestWorld company.

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