1. WcG Ultimate Gamer

    Reality show, 12 gamers all skilled in different games compete for 100,000 and a SamSung Pack.

    Players: Alyson, Amy, Chelsea, Ciji, Dante, Geoff, Jamal, JD, Kelly Mark, Robert, Swoozie (ADande?)

    You have video game challenges and related/relate-able real life challenges to go with it there 8 episodes
    Watch it on hulu
    Hulu - WCG Ultimate Gamer: Are You Ready to Rock? - Watch the full episode now.
    Hulu - WCG Ultimate Gamer: Kicking and Screaming - Watch the full episode now.
    Hulu - WCG Ultimate Gamer: Shut Up and Drive - Watch the full episode now.

    Me personally I liked the show and 4 out of 6 of the chicks on the show(including the host) were bangable if not pretty damn hot so your gay if you dont watch it and gay if you watch it but don't like it

    So watch all the episodes faggots
  2. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    its finished... the farm boy took everything -.-

    been finished a few weeks now..
  3. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    I know that(and hated that) didn't have to spoil it for those who hadn't watch the series yet Dick

  4. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    I guess Jamal's Dojo is better than Dante's and Swoozies xD
  5. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    Jamal's Dojo?

  6. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    Wow AFK if you didn't understood the first time xD
  7. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    ^away from keyboard?
  8. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    dude the series has been over for a month...

    spoilers are a given... so meh...

    old shit is old shit.
  9. Re: WcG Ultimate Gamer

    Most of their gaming abilities were 'meh' anyway. Some of those episodes were pretty pathetic in terms of what were supposed to be 'elite' gamers. Crappy show is crap.

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