1. Anybody else watching this? It's a fairly nice show. Started watching it after seeing the tie-in episode they had with Eureka.

    Oh and I so made this thread cause H.G. Wells looks nice.
  2. Nobody watching this? Well this week's episode was fairly nice with Fargo in it.
  3. so single episode about a music being used to hypnotize people so villains could rob banks.
  4. There are more things, including H.G. Wells.
  5. cant believe there wasnt a thread for this already. season 3 is starting to be really good, especially the last episode
    any episode with HG is freaking awesome. i want more flashback episodes to the days of warehouse 12
  6. Still not sure how I feel about "Jinxie"(sp?), the homosexual lie detector....I was really afraid Micha(wow, not sure how to spell any of their names) was gonna be truly gone for good. Glad she wasn't. When I first saw this show, I though it was kinda dumb, but kept watching out of boredom and it's really grown on me! Just as Eureka did....
  7. Yeah, also unsure of Jinx, but I guess it gives them another way to expand on Claudia since they go out on missions together.

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