1. Didn't see a thread for this. It's a pretty nice show, and second season has already started airing.
  2. yah i like that show myself. i meant ot make a thread but didn't but this weeks looks interesting. i'm guessing annas mom had human emotions herself.
  3. Yeah, looks like she did develop human emotions. Can't wait to see next week's episode to see if Malik survives.
  4. Sucks that they killed her off. :(
  5. i hated that bitch LOL.
  6. She wasn't meant to be liked.
  7. Show is finally starting to pick up, and I'm glad they finally decided to stop playing nice.
  8. Have you seen the old tv series? It is quite nice =P
  9. Agreed. Sucks they killed off Eli Cohen (spelling???) i really like him and woulda liked to see some espionage missions with Hobbes. Shit woulda been bad ass. Can't believe hobbes is switchin sides like Ryan.

    no but i heard of it.
  10. Guess they thought that Eli and a unhindered Hobbes running around skinning Vs every 5 minutes would have been way too much for the audience to handle.
  11. It is really good. Here is some information about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_(1983_miniseries) . The only thing which got me disappointed in this new series is that none of them eats a rat =( (Ah guy in the original does it). The original series is just as long as two movies, you should download and check it out. The original V the tv series got me bored though.
  12. actaully anna did a few episodes ago. When she was gonna feed ryan's daughter she ate 1.... though they didn't show it they just showed her open her mouth with the rat dangling above it.
  13. Plus Ryan's dead fiance almost ate a dead rat when she was pregnant.
  14. That was just cg guys, she never stopped it into her mouth. In the old series he stop it in his mouth, and the suck in the tail (awesome!). So they changed humans to potential breeding partners instead of stealing the earths water supply and using humans as potential weapons/food.
  15. Anna's daughter, you be stupid, and so was Tyler.
    He was really dumb, and I'm glad his annoying ass is gone. Good season finale though.
  16. Well, at least I can take solace in knowing that this wasn't the only show that was canceled or ended.

    Partial list of canceled shows on US Network TV (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW)

    Better with You
    Breaking In
    Brothers & Sisters
    Detroit 1-8-7
    Friday Night Lights (ending)
    Human Target
    Law & Order: LA
    Lie to Me
    Life Unexpected
    Lone Star
    Mad Love
    Mr. Sunshine
    My Generation
    No Ordinary Family
    Off the Map
    Perfect Couples
    Persons Unknown
    Running Wilde
    Shit My Dad Says
    Smallville (ending)
    Supernanny (ending)
    Suspect Behavior
    The Cape
    The Chicago Code
    The Defenders
    The Event
    The Gates
    The Good Guys
    The Whole Truth
    Traffic Light

    UPDATE 5/22 2AM ET:
    Canceled Cable shows
    Big Love (HBO, ending)
    Caprica (Syfy)
    Dark Blue (TNT)
    Entourage (HBO, final season yet to air)
    In Treatment (HBO)
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent (USA)
    Lights Out (FX)
    My Boys (TBS)
    No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (HBO, ending) - may return as a pair of movies.
    Party Down (Starz)
    Rubicon (AMC)
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime, final season now airing)
    Stargate Universe (Syfy) - Producers and MGM are looking at possible ways to continue the series in some way.
    Terriers (FX)
    Working Class (CMT)
    United States of Tara (Showtime)
  17. huh.. I just realized that morena baccarin.. the evil chick in V voiced Black Canary in justice league. mmmm baby.
  18. V's been cancelled?! Just when things could finally have gotten interesting!
  19. Nothing could have made that show interesting, it pains me people watch terrible sci-fi and let good sci-fi get canceled.
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  20. I'm not defending the show, I watched in the hope of it being even half as good as the original mini series.

    However they did manage to kill off the annoying characters, so there could have been a chance it could have got better...maybe.

    I just think you have to give shows a chance before cancelling... 3 seasons at least, same problem I had with them cancelling Caprica.

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