1. as they get better and better at animating these...they should seriously do more and more comics...charge a small fee to get them online (like iTunes or amazon) and watch the money pour back in to the industry
  2. Season 2 is fucking boring, how do you have a show about zombies when its a fucking privilege to see any zombies at all in an episode
  3. Yeah season 2 is pretty wigity wack. Laurie goes off to try and find Rick and co. and doesn't have a damn clue where she is going. And the only zombie we see didn't even do anything but cause a wreck in the latest episode. Oh well me and the wife will still be watching every sunday
  4. I just finished watching season 1. It's a pretty good show so far but I can't help myself from thinking about the bad hygiene of the characters. Like in the first episode, the main character (I'm not good with names) stands right in front of the zombies, puts the muzzle against their heads, then fires. The other characters do the same shit. I guarantee you, by the end of this show, someone is going to shoot a zombie and get splatter all up in their eyes. It serves them right too.

    edit: So I just finished watching all the episodes that are currently out and I didn't want to double post. I still think the show is awesome but episode 1 was the peak, nothing so far has topped that.

    The shows biggest problem is the character writing. Most of the characters are racial or cultural stereotypes, and some in an awesome way (Daryl) and some in a pretty bad way (T-Dog and all the other black characters that have come and gone).
  5. So wtf! Why are they straying so much from the comic? I was really waiting for carls moment. So disappointing.......
  6. Why the hell out of all the firing on the farm did Carls shot "alert" the zombies. Hell if they are so damn close to the farm someone farting should've been alerted them. This season has been a big damn let down for me.
  7. I don't think that shot alerted them, I think they were just on there way. Herschel still had cattle.

    The budget cuts have been very apparent this season. With main characters being relegated to the side with a few lines or none at all. They spent way too much time at the farm and they killed a character that is still alive in the comics and another that didn't die for quite some time, all which look smell of the budget cuts.

    Also in comics the character that bit the dust this last episode died much earlier and it was Carl who did it.
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  8. yeah I heard Shane died much earlier on in the comics, I think I heard it here a few times but definitely on some reviews I read after each show they mentioned it a couple times between the 2 seasons
  9. I think Shane's death was done really well on the show. It is much better than the comic version. Got to admit, Carl did look like a retard aiming speechlessly at his father like that. That's the only part they never handled well.

    Also Digital Masta, who did they kill that wasn't supposed to die? Dale or the little girl?
  10. Carl doing help is one of the moments that shows Carl adapting to this world. The big one has yet to come and I'm not sure it will because they never introduced the twins. And Dale dies much later while Sophia is still alive in the comics.

    But all that matter is that they announced for season 3 that THE GOVERNOR IS COMING!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They've already cast him too. That means Michonne has to becoming season 3 as well.
  11. so now I'm intrigued to read the comics...anyone know a good torrent I can get them from. Otherwise I'll drop some major bread and buy the books up unto this point. I'm not sure if the comics from that long ago are still selling. Might check my comic book store on my lunch and see
  12. https://torcache.net/torrent/1B0988...nt?title=[kat.ph]the.walking.dead.issues.1.92

    Be prepared tho, itll tint how you view the TV show because the comic is actually pretty damn good
    ...the only thing that the TV show has over the comic is Daryl (hes probably my favorite character in the show and doesnt exist in the comics)

    ...best characters in the comic are easily Michonne followed closely by no nonsense Rick followed by bullseye Andrea rounded up w/ Carl
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  13. Good looking killa, I'll start to download that when I get home and probably try to read some of it tomorrow b/c I won't be able to tonight. Yeah from a few things I've heard here and it hasn't been too much when talking about the comic is that it's taking a major dookey on the tv show
  14. for reals? oh man......thats tight. i just hope they dont screw up that scene with michonne as they did with carl. rick did not deserve to take that man.
  15. only thing that I hope that they change from the comic is the "interrogation" scene of the governor and Rick...because I think that was a dumb permanent change to Rick -and besides, it will be hard to do correctly on the show
  16. i haven't read the comics, but i have been watching the series.

    it's like a roller coaster. there are some moments where you wish everyone would die, or some people to die a certain way but the show killed them off another way >.> (aka dale). i don't know why a lot of people have a stick up their ass. like end of season 2, what's with the pms and stuff against rick. he killed more zombies and evaded them more than anyone else to try to "protect" people. and lori has some grudge now even though rick tried to protect her and her son from psychopath shane. talk about being grateful.

    i do like the part where andrea was saved by michonne. those zombie slave things look interesting..

    season 3 will just be another mind fuck with emotions and social struggles.
  17. yeah I really enjoyed this episode, probably b/c it's the end of a boring season and also b/c there were actual zombies, action, things said and revealed, still some things I wished were better. Like the fact that Rick can get loud with Hershal but when it comes to Carl he just lets him do and say what the hell ever like he's not my son. And what the fuck was up with everybody this episode after Rick revealed what he did to Shane. (beware of rant) Especially that damn Lori, damn I want her to just die. With all the shit Carl's been through he just runs around free and she doesn't even know where he is until shit goes down now she's screaming "That's my boy!" and going crazy. Bitch you should've had Carl attached to your damn hip seeing to it that he's been shot and y'all have had multiple encounters with walkers at the farm, one just recently loosing Dale.

    The Daryl comes back and reveals what Shane did or what he believed Shane did to Randal, also knowing pretty much he killed Otis, and Rick furthermore states he pretty much took him out there so Shane could kill him b/c he feels Rick is stealing his family from Shane, and you want to act like a bitch b/c he wanted to stay alive at the expense or killing HIS best friend that tried to take his life on multiple occasions. First you tell Shane it's over then you get upset when he doesn't want to look at you anymore then you fuck things up even more telling him you don't know who the hell baby that is. Shit shouldn't have happened between you and Shane anyway b/c you thought he was dead a week from leaving him in the hospital, what type of wife are you? /rant

    Sorry guys I'm done but my goodness her character is fucking annoying.

    Anyways very nice surprise with Andrea being saved. I have yet to read those comic issues I downloaded but I did do a bit of research and glad to see Michoone with her "pets". And the prison shot at the end. I'm talking like I know this shit but it's all b/c of walking dead wiki and watching talking dead I know a bit more than I did previously.
  18. MY GIRL!!!!

    Season 3 should be the sickest thing you'll ever see IF they play it like it's supposed to be done. It's where characters should evolve into warrior class.
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  19. haha warrior class I like. hopefully by then I'll have a ton of the comic reading done or hopefully caught up, It'll be hard with my scheduled I won't have too much time but I do want to dive deeper into the comics. Will probably wiki the governor also as that seems to be another character the fans are big on. I'm really excited for season 3 seeing how this season ended.
  20. Don't wiki the governor, just read and enjoy.

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