1. She's married in real life and as you could tell in the episode she was SUPER pregnant when it was filmed.

    Thing is, this story has always been about the people. Never really about the walkers. The whole idea being that even in the zombie apocalypse the true monsters are still the living.

    I actually skip through the episodes. I never watch a full one. Comic is still better and it's now in the war with "The Whisperers" people who literally wear the faces of the walkers and hide out with them in plain sight.
  2. Ya I seen her on Talking Dead when she was explaining and it's actually hilarious and makes sense.

    I forgot about those guys...the whispers are the ones with the 'W' on their forehead right? Your crazy to skip through the episodes, it's been amazing.
  3. Oh that sounds like an awesome arc. Now that I would like to see.
  4. the show is taking such a dive because the story is repeating...the group encounters a random group...they take over...they get comfortable....a lot of nobodies are introduced just to die....one main character dies...the group moves to the next area

    people are getting burned out of the same ol' same ol'

    carol leaves...Darryl disappears...CORL does something stupid...Rick tries to be peaceful and gets someone killed

    THATS why the first ep this season got such views...it was a COMPLETELY different formula because we knew someone important would be killed pointlessly

    the whisperers are something completely different
    they haven't appeared in the show yet because the comic is still about 2 years out from where the show is....they appear after these whole Alexandria/Hilltop/Negan-- War arcs

    they walk in herds of real walkers....wearing walker skinsuits...they whisper to eachother in the herds because the walkers don't pay attention to them because of the smell - but the sound would alert them

    so imagine trying to hide from the walkers...then one walks straight up to you...and pulls out a knife

    they are governed by the mentality of the strong TAKE what they want from the weak...and they put in some work on Rick's crew
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  5. After this week, Negan-Sama is my hero lol.
  6. Finally.. it's time for some goddamn payback. I haven't been this excited for a WD season in years.

  7. Looks like they might be doing a timeskip
  8. Time skip eh? I was just taking it as Rick imagining his future but that could be a possibility.
  9. Yeah I don't read the comics but my friend does, there's a small timeskip somewhere around the Negan conflict I believe.
  10. Plus that image of him awakening is very reminiscent of the 1st ep of him waking up in the hospital after a time skip.
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  11. I am kind of getting tired of Negan, I hope they end him this season and move on to something new
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  12. Im getting tired of people NEVER learning their lessons in this show

    ...Darryl is at least going through the same learning curve as Carol did so many seasons back
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