1. So I am assuming those sisters were supposed to be the TV version of the twins.
  2. eh.. series is getting old. Same ole bs.. they run into a crazy group and now she's in a hospital with some crazy chick running things.
  3. series is getting old because Im sick of them trusting every body they meet

    the comic book versions of their characters would not tolerate their nonsense
  4. Just caught up with the last episode, and I mean it's a pretty intense and actionfilled series, but I just don't see it going anywhere. They're constantly killing off character 24/7.. I honestly don't see how they'll all survive, or if there's any point in actually surviving.
  5. Shit stupid now they ain't letting no body live but the comics is like that too. They have to end the show sometime i guess killing has to happen
  6. Negan!!! Motherfucking Negan!!! Great ep tonight.
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  7. Holy shit man.. this ep tonight started off great and then it turned into a kill characters off fest.. kinda glad they are ridding the group of all the weak links though but wow. Not sure he'll survive that shot to the eye lol.
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  8. OMG that was the best midseason opening episode ever!!!! I got goosebumps everywhere
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  9. i felt bad for rick for about 3.7 secs...

    ....funny part is that they COMPLETELY moved past it in 4 secs flat

    definitely didnt expect the character development for you know who ==> ;)...wonder if theyll do like the comic and have him turn "serial killer" cold and have amnesia?

    when morgan told carol that she cant kill him...I was half expecting her to ruthlessly gun him down in the chaos (ala rick and dexter at the prison)

    oh well...something interesting to kill the time until GOT is back on
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  10. Daryl is and Abraham are such badasses, better not kill those 2 off anytime soon
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  11. Mindblowing midseason opener. Those few minutes of complete chaos at the start there were amazingly put together. I felt so bad for Rick.. but seeing everyone stand up and fucking go ballistic on those walkers made me feel like they actually might get out of this shitstain of a reality alive.
  12. I really enjoyed the mid season opener so many heart stopping moments with characters I love.
  13. Words can't described how fucked up the opener to season 7 was. I didn't know who was going to be the unlucky one but you know when Daryl made the mistake to fight back I kind of knew who the second one was going to be. I was hoping it wasn't going to be the case.
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  14. Yeah I really didn't think they'd have the balls for that but I'm happy they did
  15. He was the only one who died in the comics during that scene. The other got shot in the head by Dwight at a different time.
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  16. My gf got up and walked out and she loves got on hbo but it was just too much. Negan you mother fu#@e!!

    1 out of 2 ? We good.
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  17. Sucked man, now who is gonna give us this in the show;

    Plus I enjoyed the buddy cop routine Eugene and Abe had going..

    Glenn is boring though, it was beyond time for him.
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  18. Man Daryl has balls the size of my head considering all that has happened and he's still taking that position. Also OMG at the part where Negan is explaining how he owns the burnt face dudes life lol.
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  19. Another great episode of TWD this week with Tara and that badass Amazon like community. At first I thought all the women took the men out, I was like WTF. Tara did a great job staying alive and trusting her instincts. Tara looks gorgeous and straight in real life.
  20. Well the Nagan ep was shocking and there have been good parts in each ep but overall the show is taking a huge dive. Ratings are lowest since S3 I think and decline every week. Still a good show but doing a full ep on Tara? Also the walkers are becoming stale and have been. They are about as much of a threat as a toddler with a plastic spoon anymore and the walkers are what viewers I think want to see.

    I remember the good ole days of walker vs people.. now it's people vs people with a walker here and there. Show needs to wrap it up by 2018. They lose anymore main biggie characters and the show is done for not to mention that other walking dead show is pure trash and will get cancelled in 2017.

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