1. Andrea deserved to die. No idea how she survived so long with the survival instincts she displayed that episode...

    Why did she keep stopping to talk to Milton??!! I was thinking WTH are you doing Andrea?! Get free first THEN talk to him. She was almost free when he got to her, if she had just STFU before she would definitely have made it in time...what an idiot.
  2. Season 4 Trailer @ ComicCon. Hell yeah man. More focus on the walkers is what I like. Not a single Emmy nomination.. someone explain that to me please.

  3. The trailer told me 2 things:

    Tyreese's sister will die. That scene by the car is the replacement for him killing all those Walkers like a one man army in the prison.
  4. new season started a few days ago

    The Wire 2.0

    I dunno...I preferred when the cast were "less known" actors/actresses

    I recognize too many faces now
  5. I enjoyed the first episode. I knew that guy what's her names boyfriend was gonna die lol, he just looked like a noob.
  6. Glad to see the walkers back in full force. As for:
    who is feeding the rats and the "airborne virus" that is making people cough/sick and turn into walkers. The two have to be connected and so that means it's not some random mutated virus. At first I thought it was the blonde girl with the baby or Rick's kid feeding the rodents to the walkers.

    The girl cause she's.. well nuts and Rick's kid cause he lost his gun, he wanted daddy back to fighting. He only knows one thing and that's killing walkers. He lost his mother to them so he's feeding them to jumpstart Dad and if that's the case it worked.

    But that doesn't describe how he'd get everyone sick. That seems more like an adult idea hatched.. something in the water. That leads also to the burnt bodies. The kids would have a very hard time if at all moving those 2 bodies. So that's 3 things possibly connected. But why would someone want to kill everyone in the prison but then burn the infected bodies.

    The 7000+ walkers they showed for a sneak preview in Talking Dead was pretty sweet.
  7. Not sure how I feel about the governor coming back.. all that with him was an ass whipping to me last season. Good ep tonight with a lot of action.
  8. I'm not really feeling Season 4. Everyone just went full retard and all logic and reasoning went out the window especially Carol pulling the stunt she did, Tyrese being a the sterotypical big dumb nigga going into TYRESE SMASH mode over everything and just random stupidness from the other survivors especially in the sick bay. I'm glad the Governor is coming back. It gives them a real antagonist to fight against rather than just this disease. Hopefully we'll get back to the good old human vs human interactions and storyline. Season 3 was the best. Hopefully the Gubne'r comes back as a force to be reckoned with.
  9. I never got that impression of Tyrese being stereotypical. He simply just seems like someone that loses his cool easily and it's kind of understandable. No race attachment to it. I really enjoyed the last 2 eps, I was away and got to watch a back to back eps. It looks like Rick is starting to realize that Carl can roll with the big boys. I was a bit upset Rick left Carol like that but it was for the best. She probably would of been dead if she came back. The end with the Governor showing was pretty surprising.
  10. Bruh bruh compared to last season Tyrese held it down. He managed to get the Gov to take them in and was smart enough see through Woodberry and even sided against that faggot that was in his group plotting to kill Rick after he threw them out. He was an actual leader looking out for his sis and group. This season he's been regulated to the big angry black man that can't into logic trying to get himself killed. Even Michonne called him out on his bullshit.

    Leaving Carol was a good call. I don't know what happened to her but her character got like Andrea stupid this season thinking she can do whatever she wants. She went from motherly to just full bloodthirtsy retard. I understand you went through some shit but goddamn don't start making decisions to kill people like that without consulting the group. I used to love Carol because even though she went through it all losing her family she turned that pain to strength and used that strength to protect and heal others Now she's Andrea mode. Charging ahead doing what she wants, making mistake and then wanting people to cover for her.
  11. This season we see him in love and he lost his love in the blink of an eye. To make it worst she wasn't even killed by a walker (which I think he would of handled differently if that was the case). She was practically murdered (or mercy killed however you want to look at it). He doesn't even know who offed her and this happened within his sanctuary where he he feels the most safest. The dude went out and brought her flowers, trying to romance her bro only to find a burnt corpse and blood. I can only empathize with him to a certain degree. For the most part he has been acting retarded and potentially putting his team in danager, I just wouldn't pin the race thing to his behavior.
  12. I'm just saying you don't see anyone else going rage mode off the deep end like that.
  13. So the newest 2 eps have been excellent to me.. lots of walkers, out of the prison and tons of chewing and blood.

    Can't wait for this:


    So if you read the comics without giving out spoilers.. f it I'll tag it:
    There is a really, really bad dude coming up that they found a way to put in the tv show.. makes the Gov look like a child ...gareth or negan?
  15. I am so glad to see Carol, cause that baby stood no chance in hell of surviving lol. This was a good ep, Tyrese did a good job playing adopted father. I thought it was a bad idea to leave the girls behind. He should of just brought them along but keep them at a distance.

    I seen some spoiler tags I didn't bother looking at but I'm gonna assume these new characters are kick ass or the story gets even more interesting.
  16. That so called scientist that has the answer to save the world seems dumb as shit and bs'ing or is it just me? Like wtf was that randomly shooting everywhere but the walkers lol. That was an amazing vehicle to get around as well.
  17. BUMP!

    Cause tonight's ep was the best ep so far of the 2nd half of this season hands down. Thank goodness certain characters are out the picture now too like omg it had to be done and I'm glad it was done. The confession scene was intense too, perfect timing to do it as well.
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  18. cosmos then walking dead.. great sunday night eps.

    The annoying girl... there is always some goddamn annoying kid lol.

    Seriously, enough with the annoying, screaming irrational kids and women in this show. It's really getting fucking old.

    There is no goddamn way I'd hook myself up with a bunch of kids/women. I'd be more Michonne and leech when I need to off any small communities then leave.

    Jesus fucking christ.. what a jacked up child she is.
  19. I just say this is a messed up episode. "Just wait."

    All of it is just.... :'(

    But the confession scene was good. I was expecting him to say something about Judith, but that worked. But damn.
  20. was that tasha yar in tonights ep.. tasha from startrek tng

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