1. The Walking Dead

    AMC Picking Up The Walking Dead - Screen Rant

    this has been floating around for a few days and none of you bastards brought it up. for shame /co/mrads, for shame.
    this is an amazing read and the show, well it'll definitely be interesting and hopefully it'll have a decent enough budget so that it actually looks good.
  2. Re: The Walking Dead

    *walks in*

    Alot of people have been demanding for an HBO adaptan of the book. Lot's of fan letters you read in Walking Dead even mentioned it but I had no ideo there will actually be a book on it.

    It may not be HBO but I hope they get the right actors for the roles of Rick and a very bitchy chick for his wife (god I hated her).

    Don't know how long until they start producing this but isn't it better to wait for the series to end? Kirkman himself doesn't seem to plan on ending it any time soon.
  3. fucking coooool
  4. I love the fact that they are turning away from Vampires, Doctors, etc...

    and are now moving to Zombies- I know i'm going to love it
  5. it was pretty kool!
  6. Heard some good things about this show on my local radio station.
  7. Saw the pilot episode..........genius. If you like drama/zombies....this is it.
  8. The comic is simply one of the best pieces of literature out there. No joke. It's god damn fantastic.
  9. The premier was far better then what I expected.

    I can't wait to see more.
  10. the show isbadass. this and sons of anarchy are the best drama on tv right now
  11. I watched this yesterday and damn was it awesome. I love how realistic the zombies look, the make up team deserves big props for doing such an awesome job. I also like the acters playing in this. I've always been a big fan of the deputies partner (he also played in the class and tom hanks ww2 series) and the girl from prison break is also a pretty good actress. The black dude and his kid were also pretty sad. Must be fucked up not being able to save your wife from becoming a zombie.
  12. Oh shit you watching SOA as well, I'm almost done season 1, got to take my time with it or i'll spend all my time on it.

    but The Wire >>> The Shield >> SOA
  13. Just watched...great stuff. I think I'll like the additions they make to the show that weren't in the comic...once again...READ IT!
  14. Amen to that.

    Anybody who hasn't read The Walking Dead should do so immediately.It's truly is a great comic book.
  15. This is an awesome adaptation. It's pretty well cast so far. I liked the changes too. Can't wait for more.

    I really hope they introduce Michonne at some point. [IMG]

    Maybe in the second season if the show lasts that long.

    I think Gina Torres would be good for this role. She's an actress that knows how to do badass. [IMG]
  16. The series will follow the comic it will diverge for the sake of adding more story but then keep the core story the same so all the characters in the comic will be in the show, however I guess that means all the extra characters will be killed at some point.

    And the zombies are smarter and faster in the show when compared to the comic.
  17. Last night's episode was fantastic.

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