1. Anybody else see this yet? Pretty awesome show on Amazon. And they're already filming season 2 right now.
  2. I watched the first 5 episodes. The Homelander is basically Superman gone wrong. Actually a few of the 7 are based on DC characters.
    I think the director of vought is pretty awesome not only for the fact that I love the actress for nostalgic reasons (girlfriend of Marty McFly). The way she manipulates most of the super heroes reminds me of an evil villain boss. Let's not forget about the deep lol. This guy is just the shitstick of the show. Everyone is taking a poke at him.
    O yeah I totally forgot about the shocking scene in episode one. That really sets the tone for this show.
  3. ^ Dude you're about to see some crazy shit in the next few episodes.
  4. I'll try to check this out.
  5. LMFAO @ the Aquaman dude getting a bj from the newbie. Pretty good show so far and I only watched 2 episodes. Invisible man powers are pretty good.
  6. The finale of that last episode was pretty epic. @San you should wait and see what happens to him in episode 7
  7. Right and that raid scene in the middle east.
  8. @Eddieson, Homelander thinks like a real American politician. You can't be a hero if you don't have any villains. I do hope season 2 has more effects for the super heroes. Apart from the last scene and I think episode 6, there wasn't that much of special effects or action scenes.
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  9. so just marathoned this this weekend.

    show was pretty entertaining....and that season ender -- MOTHER FUCKER
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  10. I have two episodes left. Gotta say this shows a lot of fun.
  11. I laughed a lot watching this show. How is it that they made it appear that Homelander's kryptonite is some good puss and busting a nut.

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