1. Now it seems Jessica actor might be in the same fate.
  2. I just watched ep 16, I've never been so pissed off at Mike. First he turns his self in and then he doesn't want to get married to Rachel wtf.
  3. I love Suits, I think it's great but I have only just caught up on Season 5. The start of this season was great, the fact that it was so emotional I really enjoyed and I liked that Harvey was vulnerable. I didn't think I would because so much of his appeal is that fact that he's a rock. Even until episode 15 I was enjoying it and hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the trial.

    The entire time I was reminded that Mike was a fraud and given that Mike and Harvey are so righteous with their ethics and morals I wanted to put the trial behind Mike for good so that they could move on. I wanted it to go away, be buried and that way I could forget about it and enjoy a final series of them doing their thing before Mike quietly found another career.

    Que episode 15. As a spectator I was lost. I didn't know what I wanted to happen. Did I want Mike to get away with it? Did I want him to turn himself in? I actually didn't know. Now the series has finished and everything has gone to shit I don't know what I want. The one thing that I feel confident about is that the program won't ever be the same again. Even if Mike gets out, even if there is some clause somewhere that makes everything ok everything is fucked. I wanted 1 more series of plain sailing where it was all tied up neatly and that can't happen now.

    Suits was/is my favourite tv series but currently it feels tarnished. I have confidence that it'll put things right (whatever that means) but I don't know how.
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  4. Show is back. And it was a good opener. Although things didnt start well on the office side the prison kept me interested. The office side started moving once they got high.
  5. Mike getting played like that. You would think that he'd know better by now.
    I liked the office scenes once they started smoking. Didn't know weed made bonds
  6. Okay good first episode to the new season 6. My emotions started off how it left off last season totally pissed the Mike is in jail and so stupid to take the fall when he could of got off. The first quarter or half of the show I wasn't enjoying it probably because I was pissed how I just mentioned. It started getting good once everyone started smoking some weed. Did Mike just tell an enemy of Harvey everything he needs to know including his fiance's cell? BAAAAAAKKKAAAAA!!!! lol wtf.
  7. Mike Ross sucks right now lol and so does this show lol.
  8. Exactly. Watched the first episode of the new season today and holy shit, it's so bad.
  9. Episode 3 was infinitely better than the last 2 episodes, Suits is trending up and this was the breaking point to being good again. That Yale Investor is going to be a great mix in this season. I like him already. He reminds me of a Stiftler for American Pie but is an investor.
  10. [IMG]

    Hmmmm @eddieson
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  11. Yes, yes she is. :awesome

    And welcome back Entix :)
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  12. That was the worst season so far. I didn't care for rachel's case or Lewis's love life. Frankly they should have ended the whole show with this season.
  13. It probably was the weakest so far but I still don't think it was bad. They wrote themselves into a corner at the end of last season and I think this shortened season was the quickest way to try and get themselves out of the mess.

    I think I said before that I didn't want to see Harvey crossing lines, I didn't like to be reminded of Mike being a fraud and I either wanted it to end with everything simply BAU or with Mike stepping down and finding some equally challenging and enjoyable way to make a living.

    The end of the previous season left me highly sceptical and concerned at how they could possibly redeem themselves. This season demonstrated that they couldn't and Mike being sent away will forever be seen as the moment the series fell off a cliff. It happened, it can't be undone and now we are where we are.

    Season 7 will hopefully bring things together and have a happy close. I don't want to see Harvey doing anything but kicking arse in smart suits from a skyscrapper but I don't see how he can continue to do so with Mike in a sustainable way.

    Roll on the next season, I still think Suits is fantastic and I really enjoy watching it.

    Also a parting thought on season 6 was that it was great to finally have a return to some film quotes as the series drew to an end. Jessica's court scene was way too short and easy but enjoyable nonetheless.
  14. lol that was only the midseason finale. The rest of the season airs this winter, and the 17 episode season 7 comes out next summer.
  15. Suits back on the 25th. I'm not really excited about this show coming back. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last season.
  16. Fuck this show, I quit after Mike went to prison. I loved the series when I first started watching it three years ago, but I think I don't need to watch the rest of this bullcrap.
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  17. So no more Rachel after the season is over.
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  18. She's royalty now, she doesn't need Suits or Mike Ross lying ass anymore.
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  19. Last seasons tarts March 28. I hopped of this wild ride many years ago, but yeah.

    First couple of seasons were super good though, they actually peaked my interest in law and now I'm actually applying for shit related to law. Woo me.
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  20. The show has already been renewed for another season. It's just the season that started last year is the last one with Mike and Rachael. There is also going to be a Jessica Pearson spin-off set in Chicago.

    Also congrats. :)
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