1. Dammit what the hell is this woman's problem with harvey and mike? Doesn't she have enough real criminals to go after than to chase a fake lawyer who is damn good at his job? Just give the poor man a break already.
  2. This fucking bitch of an attorney is getting on my nerves. Seriously.. when Jimmy was called out and he started talking about him and Mike at Harvard I was damn sure that was the end of it. But she's a fucking fox.
  3. Another great episode, lmao @Dona. If she just kept it together this trial would be over already. The mock trial was really intense and of course the actual trial. That was pretty smart using Trevor's past against him to make him look like he was dishonest. Trevor saying he was jealous I think was his little way of helping Mike out.
  4. Goddamn the bromance is strong in these two. Willing to fall on a sword to protect the other.
  5. I like Jack and Jessica working together. Jessica is bad-ass.
  6. I think Mike made a mistake he should have waited for the verdict.
  7. Watching Harvey run after Mike like that.. fucking broke my heart man. Goddamn it Mike!
  8. Agreed, he put in all that time and energy smh.
  9. C'mon.. you know you had that feeling before. Where you took the test...and even though you felt like you did a good enough job. There will always be that guilt of... did I? Shit... what if I failed... That's what Mike's doing right now. The stakes are higher..
  10. You know I could take the fact that this show wasn't exactly representing the law in a precise way, but this whole trial against Mike is so much bullshit. There's no jury or judge in his/her right mind that would believe Mike is a real lawyer.
  11. You know, that previous episode where Harvey at the end of the episode was talking to Mike in his office, and Mike was angry, shouting he'd represent himself and then how Harvey said: "C'mon Mike, you can't do this" (or something like that). Holy shit, that was heart wrenching, his acting has improved so much. I've seen him develop from season 1 and hohooow, this guys is getting better and better.

    Still need to watch the latest episode.
  12. The part where the mother was crying in court was sad too.
  13. "Because it's my goddamn fault!"

    "Jessica, please."

    Latest episode was so great, I loved it. I still love Louis but goddamn it, this dude needs to be more steady. He's so shakable.

    Is this the last episode of the season or will we get another one? Also I think it's time they wrap these series up. I think they would peak with a 6th and last season.
  14. There's one more episode and then 16 episodes for next season.
  15. And he gone.
  16. Well at least this whole debacle is over. Now I want to see Mike come out of prison all jacked up with tattoos and scars on him. Then we can get Gangster Mike and Handsome Harvey (he will always be handsome harvey)
  17. FUCK

    That reference was legend. But not really on point, because there was no fucking way there was any reasonable doubt Mike was innocent and did go to law school, holy shit.

    Also, great ending. That was terrific. Louis looking like a boss this episode, holy shit. What a bitch that Katarina was, goddamn Louis should've rewarded her loyalty, just like his loyalty has been rewarded.
  19. I think he would have had the actress for Katrina didn't get signed on to another show.
  20. Yeah, I figured it must've been something like that. She had great synergy with Louis, and I assume she had a fanbase for her role as Katrina as well, they wouldn't write her out of the series if she didn't have other things to do.

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