1. What was the ending song that played during Mike and Trevor?
  2. What a fucking sad episode... Goddamn who the FUCK ratted out Mike?! Did Hardman seriously get a hold of that kind of information?

    I'm seeing Harvey as Mikes attorney in the second half of the season so bad.

    But fuck, what a depressing episode..
  3. Seriously about damn time!
  4. the fuck? who the hell snitched? havent they ever heard of snitches get stitches?
    but damn one of the best episodes of the entire series.
  5. HOLY FUCK!!!

    What a goddamn ride. That episode was insane!! So intense! Waw! I love how there were always songs cueing, that made it all so insanely good.
  6. That was an intense and really emotional episode. I lol'd and had my jaw dropped at the end when Mike got ownd like that. Maybe that girl changed her mind and ratted her out. Can Mike get away with it since he quit before he got arrested and is not practicing without a license?
  7. I thought about it being his ex at first, but I honestly think its Hardman that's behind this shit. Either he got the information when he was picking a fight against Jessica and Harvey to have leverage if things went south. Or he knew from the start and just kept it to himself so that he could use it one day to stick it to Harvey. I mean he did ALL THAT just to force Jessica out of the company and when he finally almost managed to do so, Harvey goes and makes a deal with the devil and fucks up Hardmans plans. I mean it makes sense that Hardman would do this just out of pure spite to screw with Harvey and get Mike locked up seeing he knew Harvey was behind everything.

    But damn this suspense and that cliffhanger is gonna sit with me until freaking January. FML.
  8. man if they can get out of this mess i think they can get through any damn scenario.
  9. So true... I mean, how the hell are they gonna get out of this shitter. DAAAAAAAMN Zane tore Mike a new asshole in that cell. What a fucking brutal man.

    Can't help feel sorry for Louis tho. Was a really genuine move to let Dana come back to Harvey. Loved the season opening!
  10. nani? I didn't know this show was back.
  11. Mid Sesaon...
  12. What an intense episode, best season opener ever!
  13. LOL. So they cut their season into two? I completely forgot about Suits, yet I love this series so much. I'll be sure to watch the new episode today.
  14. Fucking excellent contribution dude. Great post. 10/10.
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  15. 5/7!
  16. Damn. This show is so bad for my heart. I cant keep taking hits like this. I really hope there is some light at the end of everything.
  17. They are totally fucked now. Somebodys going to jail. I do literally NOT see any way out of this fucking mess.
  18. This has become somewhat of a soap-opera show...
  19. god dammit, every single mistake they ever made is gonna come back isnt it?
  20. Damn Donna.

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