1. Not much on now, so I guess I'll check this out.

    Nice first episode. Seemed kind of like a funner version of L&O, but without the cops and ADAs. As well as a little bit of Leverage mixed in there.
  2. loved the first episode. USA delivers once again
  3. Yeah, I thought the first episode was good as well. I wanted to make a thread for this as well, but I thought nobody was watching this. Good stuff. Rachel is freaking hot btw.
  4. Second episode was good as well. Looking like this show will be a keeper for me.
  5. The Trailer made this show a keeper for me already.
    When I saw the first episode it was like YESH!
  6. Never saw the trailers. Lost USA and a bunch of channels back in Jan. :p
  7. This episode was a sealer for me too. There was never a dull moment.

    Also,I don't recall seeing the actor who plays Louis (I think that's his name)before but his acting is PERFECT!!

    The character has a nastiness to him that you just gotta love but at the same time you hate him because he's an asshole. The way he talks and acts irritates me and just screams "I'm a pain the ass." but at the same time it's funny because he comes off as being gay/feminine. I hope he continues to get some good screentime because he's already my favorite character on USA after only two episodes.
  8. Your favorite character is Louis? LMAO
  9. yes. I love the guy. He's a perfect villain for a series like this. Don't know why I feel the way I do tho maybe it was his nakedness in the episode or the way he literally looks like a rat. I don't know what it is but this guy has really caught my attention so far. Don't remember liking a character so much other than the lead ones like Michael and Neal....... but this guy...................I don't even know how to explain it.
  10. ^I understand perfectly well what you mean. The guy is a freaking rat haha. The face thing you're totally right. Also the way he acts and stuff is right on for his character. Loved episode 2 btw. Great stuff so far.
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  11. His name is Rick Hoffman. He's one of those actors who mostly play villains or evil minions.
  12. WHY!!!
    Why isn't it on demand yet ><
  13. another good episode. Louis was gold again :grin:

    The mingling thing is fine as long as it doesn't take over the show. Let this new bitch cut into Rachael screentime and keep the soap scenes to a minimum.

    Also, Why doesn't this dude have a car yet? He should be making money by now. Harvey needs to pay the man.
  14. He's definitely getting paid. How else would he be able to pay that $10000 bill? Rachel is tha bomb. Mike should just dump that other chick and go for Rachel. Dammmmn that ass.
  15. Harvey paid that bill, and most of his money went to his grandma's care if I recall correctly.
  16. yeah Harvey handled the bill.

    Rachel is all good (just rewatched the first season of the league and saw her in an episode) but don't bring too much romance and love triangle nonsense into the show. The Rachel screentime is perfectly fine and i enjoy watching their little "friendship" develop. It's how they'll handle this other girl that I'm worried about.
  17. i dont have cable any more so im some times late to the game on some show, but i just caught this ,and i have to say the poster look like i didnt want to watch it, but man i did watch it and i loved it. I think the show would be just as good without the best friend/ best friend girlfriend drama but that really the only part of the show i dont like, every thing else is good. Its like a funny version of damages ... just not as good.(that is in no way a knock against this how damages is just that good)
  18. I saw some episodes of damages awhile back during a two day run on fx i think and liked it. Can't find all the episodes tho so i gave up on trying to watch it.
  19. my english sucks lol. what i meant was that he was about write the check. so yeah, he's definitely getting paid. surely not enough to pay that bill, but part of it.

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