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  3. So the Wolf said Dume which is Kanan's last name before order 66. I read some think the wolf is his former master but it is not Ahsoka.

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  4. Pretty good episodes. Looking forward to learning more about the wolves in the future.

    I'm also looking forward to next episode when the rebel assault on Lothal finally begins.
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  5. Overall I enjoyed these 2 new eps. Wasn't anything super exciting but it elaborated some on relationships and the Wolves. You also are starting to get a sense we are going to see the inevitable.. 2 main players on the good side go bye bye. If I'm correct we should be expecting 4 but that's just my opinion. Hard to tell as Rogue One only gave us Hera and Chopper.

    Did anyone catch that darkside moment with Ezra.. could of saved that guy who was unarmed but knowingly let him misstep on his saber and fry.
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  6. That aint no darkside moment. That is the same as Obi Wan cutting down Anakin after warning him of the higher ground.
  7. ya.. .ya sure about that? lol. I'm pretty sure that was darky Ezra. Hold on I will go watch it again. Yeah you're wrong.
  8. What a fantastic episode. That battle above Lothal was great with Hera in X-wing vs the new Defender. I can see the end coming for the series. One final mission for the phoenix squadron to rescue Hera which will probably end in death for them.
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  9. Well that was a great episode.I must admit this season has been getting better with each new episode.
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  10. yeah loved it! Like Leroy said was great to see Hera in the X Wing. Any chance to hear .. put your x-foils in attack position. Before R2.. there was CHOPPER!
    I remember feeling the meh when this series first started and the animation but now I can't wait for the next series they are working on. So help me god though if they turn to some awful 3d shit like Berserk I will go on a reddit internet warrior rampage.
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  12. Hell yeah. This show is gonna go out on a bang.
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  13. Also a little tidbit from that crappily animated forces of destiny thing. Hera survives the original trilogy as well. She is shown on Endor along with Leia and Han. She even gets Han to admit that Ghost is a better ship than Falcon.
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  15. Its all really starting to end.
    RIP kanan
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  16. you'll be missed kanan.
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  17. I really wasn't expecting that. I figured they'd wait until the last episode or the one before it to kill off Kanan. He'll definitely be missed. Though, I wonder if we may see a force ghost of Kanan before the series ends.
  18. Doubt it. I'm still in the dark about the true nature of the wolves. It did say I am Dime..or however you spell his last name.

    Awesome eps as always. Best Star Wars out there last 10-20yrs is the animation cept maybe rogue one. I am hoping we get some Emperor next ep talking to Thrawn.

    Also Kanan's new look was tight. He knew his time was coming so he went old school and went out like a boss.
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