1. Damn that was a good episode. I got goosebumps at the final scene when i saw all the rebel cells coming together.
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  3. That was BADASSS!!!!!! Short and swift. "He will avenge us" indeed.
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  4. I really wasn't expecting the fight to be that quick. I really loved Obi-wan in pretty much every scene he was in. It was a good ending for Maul's story as well.
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  5. Epic episode.

    Rest in peace Darth Maul.
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  6. From producer Filoni.
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  7. Awesome! Totally Awesome! I dig it was short and sweet. Obi was ready for him. I like the powerful moves he does to deflect and end it. Old man.. strong you are with the force lol. Had so many doubts about this show and it's animation and it's just been truly a gem. I mean christ from Genndy's to Filoni's Clone Wars to this. Gems.
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  8. Finale trailer. Thrawne is finally ready to reveal his end game.
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  9. It was thrilling finale for the the season.
    The tension was so palpatable through out the whole hour.
    Can't wait for the next season!

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  10. Great finale. It was great to see the Nightbrother lead the mandalorian fighters once more.
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  11. The finale was awesome. If it hadn't been for that idiot Admiral Konstantine disobeying him, Thrawn would've won as Ezra wouldn't have been able to escape to get help. I hope Bendu will still show up in the future even though the rebels will no longer have their base on Atollon. I'd always hoped to learn more about him. It was also interesting that they had Bendu remain in the middle by having him attack both sides. Though the timing was still rather convenient for the rebels. Konstantine's disobedience and Bendu's interference were what allowed the rebels to escape. It will also be interesting to see what role Kallus will play for the rebels next season now that he can no longer be their spy.
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  12. hammerhead corvette ftw!
  13. Great season finale.I wonder how many seasons they got planned for us.
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  17. The question is does she become a general at the end of the season or before that?
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  18. Probably after. They must have gone down with a bang and as the survivor she is bound to get a promotion. Zeb is so dead. The last of his species? That is like an invite to kill him. Sabine is seen giving up the control of the darksaber in the trailer which means she is no longer with the mandalorians and probably did that before heading out again with the phoenix squadron. Kanan cannot be allowed to live as he has already taught everything he knows to Ezra and so his purpose is over. Ezra may have the slimmest of chances to live. But not as a jedi. And they sure as hell aren't gonna let him become something neutral with The Last Jedi on the horizon. The way I see it he may add to the foundation of the balanced force user that Rey is probably going to become. Or he may end up fully falling to the dark side.
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